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Napa Valley Ramblers / Bio

Napa Valley Ramblers are possibly the longest running volunteer fundraiser band in Napa California. If you are in Napa with a scheduled Event,.get your free music here! WHATEVER you need; Solo Player? Duo ? Trio? Quartet? maybe an Orchestra? make your request and the Napa Valley Ramblers will perform Songs and Tunes for you, take out and delivery~,..You may have heard them all before but somehow they are all new again, and some surprising atonal acrobatics by well tempered players, amazing guests! One off performances,You could be surprised!
WHERE??County of Napa... anywhere else would not be Rambling in Napa, so you will have to get it in Napa, Open to Public and Private.
WHEN? YOU schedule the event and make the invitation request for the Free Music. Walter E Geaux will confirm your calendar and unless prior booking, the Napa Valley Ramblers will perform
WHY? Because we like you! Book your Free Music Event Now! hospitality donations accepted, transportation gratuity may apply

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General Info

Band Members
Bruce- guitar, Mad Mike -mandos, Duncan-guitar & dobro, Good Doctor Mike- Squeeze box & harps Glen-banjo,Roy-Bass, featuring Annie, Glenn, Frank and Leola on fi
Artist Name
Napa Valley Ramblers
Home Page
Active Since
Americana / Folk / Celtic

Contact Info

Napa, CA

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