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Deangelo Demon Christopher O'brian Dent, aka Da Prophecy,Dee_thay_boy in others alias.....started as young as Micheal with no guidance like Joe around but Jerome Turner was Deangelo Joe Jackson inspiring his young lad to keep dancing first sign of talent he exposed "says Turner", although that would not be the last of Mr. Dent's endeavours the cold hard Jackson streets would soon detour his son's plans for exposure as a prodigy that didn't stop Mr.Turner from encouragig his some through the midst of it all....at the tender age of 15 Deangelo recorded his first freestyle in the metrocenter malls studio along with his cousin Anthony Dent from then it WAS apparent to me my son was in always will be destined from greatness I MEAN ITS ALOT OF ARTIST not trying to take anything from them but at the same time my son puts meaning in his music you can hear the passion in his voice winning school. Talent shows local talent show open mics sold alot of promise never beneficial for him...THAT didn't stop him in I know he wont stop until the younger generations In the world's says. D DENT HA HA HA.....(Deangelo said " well my goal is to inspire I'm motivate people to be them not of the world no am not a preacher no am not a teacher just someone who understands THAT my voice isn'ty voice it's yours its ours with That being said let me speak for us

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