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Allstar Tee Fee / Bio

I was made down south and dropped off up north. Both of my parents are out of Mississippi. They overcame obstacles like many other black people during that time. Today, I stand for the same principles of life as my ancestors did. Let me make this clear to all who have eyes and ears. 99.9% of today's population, are slaves. Slaves to electricity. Slaves to the automobile and oil. Slaves to a false value money system(economics). Slaves to the markets for food and clothing. Face it. We are slaves. There is legislation that our governing bodies are reviewing at this very moment(9/7/11), to ban all firearms. De-arming citizens. Stripping away amendments left and right. They have taken away many of our right in the name of Terrorism(root word Terra-earth). They can enter your property without a warrant. Sounds like slave stories all over again. Just like before when the slave owners had all of the guns, horses, and boats. Today the have weapons of mass destruction, tanks, and massive gun ships to carry and destroy. Most of us are scared and too weak to make any change for better. Most of us are hypnotized by the many emblems and flashing lights to even comprehend on a higher conscious level. A plane of true peace. I was told, "No one wins the war of racism". And yes, we are living in a super racist world. I was taught to respect others. Respect the planet. The animals, insects, plants, etc. Well there are people here that do not adhere to those same rules and these same people are your modern day vampires. Blood suckers of the poor. They move the gears of war. They play war games. These same war games can be seen in the streets throughout the world. Not just America!!!!!!!!! Now, if the American people are disarmed, who will protect your family from rogue soldiers and cops? A NY state trooper blew his brains out in front of several people at The Great New York State Fair Grounds, this summer(8/11). This event made very little news coverage locally and abroad. Why? Because the military and the police have armed employees with mental disorders. Crazy right. It gets worse. Fake taxes people. Fake deficit. Even some fake people. Stop slandering your brother and sister rappers. Making diss records is exactly what these devils want you to do. Think about the ripple effect your actions will create and how it will affect others. Hey, i can use some help teaching these kids how to dress properly and speak intelligently. You don't have to sound like some scholar or dress like Dr. KING. JUST PULL YA PANTS UP AND STOP THROWING UP DEMONIC SYMBOLS IN YOUR PICTURES AND VIDEOS. unknowingly, you are supporting a hate, kill agenda known as the Willie Lynch system. Research people before you write me off as another cult talker. Im a culture awareness representative. You can see my peoples on the pyramids. In the tombs of my forefathers and mothers, you can see our brilliance. Your history books have lied to the people of earth for too many years. Michael Jackson tried to tell you before he was killed. Can we learn how to present ourselves together, before its too late? No one person can do it alone. If you can, please stand up now because the kids are suffering.

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Allstar Tee Fee
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Syracuse, NY

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