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Dj Speng / Bio

Dj Speng's Biography

Born on the 9th of the month of October 1974, the first son of W. & C.R.Francis, C.R.Francis Jr. known today as Dj Speng. He was always a kid with special musical abilities. From an early age he displayed many talents in the field. He was always creating or trying to repair some form of old equipment or improvising on junk with the intention of building a band or some form of sound system.

His early influences came from his parents who always threw parties which he always wanted to be a part of, which he was, in a small way. He would preview the new tunes his dad brought home for the party but as soon as the older folks started to arrive, it was bedtime. This was not such a big issue for the young dj, as he always escorted dad to his local bar where he got the chance to exhibit his talents behind the turntable ( I say turntable becuase in the seventies, dj's used only one). Being only six years old, this would be quite a show for the older folks. He was also greatly influenced by his uncle, who at the time was a great collector of cassette tapes.

Dj Speng has always been influencial to his peers. At thirteen years old while in high school, he successfully built his first sound system with the help of Yohann Stephens, a now accredited radio disc jockey at a leading radio station in Jamaica, and Horace "Splurt" Simpson (then Baby C), a leading selector in the Houston, Texas area. This expidition carved the future of Dj Speng, gave him the experience of dealing with partnership, dealing with customers from a business aspect and dealing with the public as a public figure.

By this time he was already a quite popular figure in his community, as he was the first kid to master bmx tricks and what is now parkour. He marketed himself as the "Ultra Kyd" and the name seemed to really fit as he was a small kid packed with so much talent! He did a lot of high school parties and concerts with his new sound which was titled " ULTRA SYNDICATE" .

Whilst in school, he drew the attention of many sound system owners and club owners, and was soon drawn to dj on a local sound system "Rambo" which even gave him more clout in the dj arena. He was the dj for this sound system along with his own sound throughout his high school years.

After high school, when most kids with his ability (or less) was getting ready for college, Dj Speng was getting ready for the next big event, clash or likewise. His popularity out grew his little sound and it was now time to venture on higher grounds.

In his late teens, living in a new country, the dj started to make his way throughout the boroughs of New York. He re-organized a sound system ( taking records and equipment from his fathers sound, sending home for his original tunes and grouping a team to hit the streets).

This lead to a new era in the Dj Speng's legacy. The birth of " King Calico" now " Calico Mix Machine, LLC". Being the owner of another sound system, Dj Speng was once again at the helm of the ship. This gave rise to new opportunities and new leads. He sterted going to recording studios, mainly "Don One Recording Studio" in Broolyn where he got his first lessons in audio engineering by just simply being an onlooker.

He has a orgasmic way with the ladies and has been branded " Dj Speng, the gyal dem friend".

He has been featured on caribbean based television programs and received an award for his remixes in 2002.

As I mentioned earlier, Dj Speng is a man of many talents, he has now moved up the ladder from being just your neighborhood disc jockey, to being one of New York up and coming music producers. He started creating beats in the year 2000 and since then has done numerous projects with many famous names in the reggae music industry. He has worked with famous names such as Ken Boothe, Leroy Sibbles of the Heptones, Bushman, Chuck Fender and Frisko Kid to mention a few.

He has released songs from his own catalog, written and composed by himself, which is now available for sale worldwide. He also has releases on his label Calico Mic Machine, LLC from artists such as Lisa Hyper, formerly of Vybz Kartel "Gaza Camp", Edge Michael ( Nephew of the legendary singer, songwriter, performer and member of Bob Marley and the Wailers) & Signiture Buzzwordy ( A New Reggae Act from New York).
He is also in the process of releasing more songs from himself and more artists on his team.

Dj Speng is also a reknowned graphic designer. He has always been a lover of the arts. He was the one to decorate the classroom blackboard in school, draw graffiti on everything and be the one who would design the students folder covers for their projects! He was an art student, studying technical drawing and art. He taught himself to do graphic designing on a computer, just like he did teaching himself on how to become a recording engineer.

Overall, he is a force to be reconned with.

Dj Speng, one man, so many talents!

Written by
Rohan Walters

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Band Members
Edge Michael, Mr Breaka, Signiture Buzzwordy, Chris Amba
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Dj Speng
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Reggae / Hip Hop / Dancehall

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Bronx, NY
Clinton Francis

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