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The Back Alley Abortionists / Bio

at the start.... it was luke and duncan. at the tender age of 12 the two started playing music together. they started with shitty equipment, but made do with what they had.luke master of percussion and duncan stinkmeister grandmaster at strings, it was a match made in the 9th circle of hell. they played punk rock music and it was dope. after jamming drum and bass shit for awhile they started looking for other people to play with. naked. they were ruefully unsuckeggsful. fuck. they played with a few other musicians but nothing serious happened. most couldn't even play blink 182 if they tried there hardest. then they met jake. "heard him playing acoustic and singing in my friends bedroom. he was amazing and we asked him to start a band and he initially declined :(" around this time they started playing with sal and enjoyed his style and various fat italianisms, shortly after this period jake came around, and The Back Alley Abortionists were formed. we began to realize we needed a second guitar player and we also realized we're broke bums and have no equipment after various pawnings and some hard work and savings we were able to hear everything. they also decided to bring in a second guitar player to free up jakes brainmelting voice. we tried out a couple but were unsatisfied at that point we brought in serge and wanted to bang him instantly. his beautiful guitar playing shat all over my there minds. so The Back Alley Abortionists were fully formed for the first time. and after mass practice and no sleep we got some shit going. OUR BRAINS SAY thanksalotforchecking us oUT
everyones heart ceases to beat when we play a fucked up jam and crank it on repeat. feeding there child the finest of reheated feeces. i plea to the sea to swallow our nation. the only tax free ocean vacation if an eearthquake came and ripped me in two i make a wish on the bigger half for all to be consumed.

General Info

Band Members
O'Sullivan, Sabo, Andaloro, Solomon, Matsov
Artist Name
The Back Alley Abortionists
Home Page
Alternative / Grunge/Ska/Punk / Grunk

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Cleveland, OH
no thnx

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