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THAYER 95 Original Songs / Bio

written by THAYER, 2014

I'm just junking up the filth......

Here is a story for your mind...or if you don't mind here's a story...

As young kids we are to believe that aliens are giant creatures in nature and come to us in huge space ships that blot out the sky. We believe this because we are arrogant and think we are the biggest life form, thus we are petrified at the thought of any entity that's bigger in size than us. But in reality, the aliens are very small and came to us in the tiniest form. Some microscopic. They entered our bodies through our eyes and ears and took residence there. Ever wonder how we have so much technology so fast and where it came from and why so small?? Are we that smitten?? How can we make things so tiny? I wouldn't know the first thing about how to make something function in such a small device that you can hardly see it.
The aliens are cleaver, strong, energetic, micro beings that have taught our brains to do their work using our hands to build themselves a better place to live and do their work whether be it good or bad. We are now their slaves and will take orders from them. We all have these aliens in our brains and throughout our bodies.
Now there are good ones and bad ones that came to our earth. The bad ones tell our brains to feed us drugs and pills to ease the pain and to cause chaos and destruction. They cluster in companies like M_ _s_ _t_ who own all the patents to all the seeds we use to grow crops. The board of directors of that company also occupy most of congress. They can't help what they do because they have been invaded by the micro bad army warriors.
The good ones tell us to eat good foods that are from mother earth and not made by fellow man. We can't make food! Only God with mother earth as His/Her student can. Think about that? In a very short time all of this will be known to mankind.
Did you ever think about the other person standing in a room? He or she is an entity of blob and has his or her own life, thoughts, and goals. We can never jump bodies and experience what they are thinking. So we people must think about how alone we really are. YOU ARE ALL ALONE!!! there is nobody else here on earth except you!! We can never occupy another man's space, thus the fact that we are alone.
We do have a communication illusion brought to us by the aliens to believe we have other people to keep us company though and this we see with our eyes and hear with our ears.
All of us selfish humans are doomed unless we start to treat our illusions as equals and stop dividing because of the monetary value!! The more we make, the more we spend on junk and thus creating equality therein.
What makes us a better human is the treating of the poor souls we see (that have nothing and must go through life squalling and scavenging for anything) with passion and love.
We don't really know yet how this will all play out with the aliens occupying our bodies, but lets try to rid ourselves of these invaders.
The end is near and knowledge will implode us all soon. Pills for everyone and everything, lawyers, insurance companies are all invaders of the aliens nation. Power and a thirst for global economics will soon be the norm. the herding and systematical trimming of the herd, all corralled into tract homes for control. There is only so much advancement we can endure before we turn ourselves inside out and become cyber-existent....
I think the invaders have taken over my body now and i am losing my battle. Everyday i become weaker, more deaf, blurred vision. The only sanctuary is my ever enduring faith in JC and the holy trinity.
I have a plan......WAIT!! There is someone at my door.............
OH NO!!!!!!!

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Thayer - Electric Guitar
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THAYER 95 Original Songs
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Minneapolis, MN
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