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Loop B / Bio

The work of Loop B consists of 2 aspects: the junk percussion and the electronic structure. The compositions are developed from keyboards and samples processed in computer. And after the percussion is played live over the bases.
Brazilian rhythms appear in an electronic and in the percussion, integrating the broken beats to the brazilian swing.
His first album was released in 1992. His early researches on Brazilian Music were recorded in the compilation Electronic Music Brazil (Sony Music, 1997). In this track, Loop played a samba in a scrap stove.
ECO-FRIENDLY: The percussion instruments form the other part of the story. Scraps vehicle: fuel tank, dashboard, door. Scraps computer: monitor, keyboard. Scraps of home appliances: washing machine, refrigerator, stove. And other unusual objects, as empty cartridges of bullets cannon, mannequin leg and swords toy, everyone becomes percussion instrument, enriching the music with their unusual timbres.
Several kinds of drumsticks, files and a hammer drill help Loop to explore the sound of objects and enlarge the aspect visual and performatic.
With 20 years of career, 7CDs released and concerts in festivals throughout the Brazil, such as: Abril Pro Rock, Goiania Noise, Rec Beat, Tribos Eletronicas, BHRIF.
A highlight in his career was the CD A Musica Toca, with the participation of others composers and musicians. Chico Cesar, Stela Campos, Rebeca Matta, Moises Santana and Gigi Trujillo were his partners and they played their songs on the CD.
In partnership with SESC Sao Paulo, has been performing concerts and sharing their experience through workshops about digital music and about junk percussion. In addition to the SESC, starred in two other important cultural institutions of Sao Paulo: CCBB - Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil and Instituto Itau Cultural, which released his work in CD and DVD in the collection Rumos Musica 2005.

Discography: Penetraveis (2011 with Ricardo Severo) Farinha Digital (2008 with Pedro Osmar), Quixotes do Amanha (2006), A Musica Toca (2003), De Onde (2000), Spray (1997), Techno Totem (1994) Midnight Mirage (1992).

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Loop B - electronics, junk percussion, piano, voice, sampler, traditional percussion, keyboard, programming, producer
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Loop B
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Electronica / Junk Percussion / Brazilian Electronic Experimental

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New York, NY