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The Jaker / Bio

The Jaker is more of a project then a band. My family tells stories about my dad and they always use his nickname Jake. I don't know were this came from cause his name is the same as mine James Lareau. It is funny because they don't just say Jake did this or Jake did that. Its alway "The Jaker" did this "The Jaker" that, so after he passed away in 2009 i knew what I had to do. You see my father raised me on classic rock. The philosophy that comes from rock and roll became the religion of my life at a very young age. I remember getting very high marks in english growing up because of my comprehension of metaphors and descriptive language all which i now attribute to the intense poetic language of rock and roll.
The project first formed in Hyannis Mass when I meet our first lead guitarist Christian Trimarchi. Christian was a party animal when i meet him. He had recently turned 21 and was ready to take on what ever life threw at him. We meet on craigslist and started texting only to find out that we were standing two buildings away from each other. We also picked up our bass player Chris Labeau, who is the most open minded talented musician I had ever meet, from craigs list. I tell alot of people this and i stand by it "Im not looking for bandmates, I'm looking for friends and family." We spent the summer of 2011 playing every were we could at work, open mics, street corners, out of our cars, and even landed a few small bar gigs. Christian and I tried desperately to move out to boston looking for work and housing, but to no avail I had run out of time and money. Christians family took me in the last month i lived on the cape and i slept on his bedroom floor for alittle over a month. Leaving those guys was the hardest thing i had ever done as a musician.
I returned to Springfield Ma, my hometown, to seek work so that i might return to the cape the fallowing summer, however i did not. Instead i fled to the South living with my mother in her trailer in South Carolina. This summer would prove very fruitful. In South Carolina there are more open mics each night of the week then there are in a month in Springfield. This allowed me to play the acoustic portion of my songs out 6 nights a week! I began to snowball. Meeting musicians everywhere i went. Each week i would play my songs with the same people and each week it sounded better and better and better. Thursday nights were my favorite a very talented performer, who goes by "Johnny Guitar", took me under his wing, teaching me; bass, scales, new songs, and most importunely, the thing i struggled with the most, how to properly project towards a microphone. The experience of playing with such an array of talented musician cupeled by the positive feed back from the audiences gave me a high greater then any i had experienced before. Also that summer I meet our second lead guitarist Logan McElroy. Logan and I meet at one of Johnny Guitars open mics and immediately hit it off. The passion and energy he possessed was something I had ye to see in any of the other musicians I had played with in the South. His father would force him to sit and learn Beatles songs from the radio note for note, so you can imagine how bad ass we sounded covering Norwegian Wood. As the summer winded down and logan and i had partied and played ever corner we could my hours at work dwindelled. Another summer season come and gone and we still have not found our drummer.
I have returned to Springfield Ma and i am currently helping my best friend plan his wedding as I am his best man. My goal now is to travel to Ireland at the end of next summer. Looking to play for a crowd who isn't afraid to get into the music sing along and maybe find some new members of The Jaker.

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James M. Lareau Christian Trimarchi Chris LeBeau Logan Mcelroy Colin Leach
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The Jaker
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Experimental / Rock / Alternative

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Springfield, MA
Everything Happens for a "Good" Reason

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