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Captain Romantic / Bio

-influenced in manner by Shakespeare, but original

"Oh do I find sensuality knocking on my door again? Or does it enter without welcome, but knowing the way in? To shut this door completely leaves me alone, but to open it invites this harlot to me."
“But of curse me! For harlots look too for love! And as a harlot to me, a sweet rose it will be, when the blossom ignored and what's shared is the thorns."
"Oh my, as my façade melts so does the sun, and shadows now mask scars. To be hidden again as the moon hides from midday."
“Patience, oh virtue is it not! Lest a form of torture! For as I lay writhing in coiled binds of lies, I know release could find me, maybe not. But what say doth one have in a subject he not understand?"
"Is there not a point in the day when I may be, or not be visible? I do not wish to hide, but allow wounds to heal. But as alcohol to my gash, it ripens with pain the moment some everlasting gaze fixes upon it and says, 'Oh, you ugly beast a stay is not advised as I will rip it further if you do not flee."
“And so flee as I must, from dawn until dusk, and inside as I cry, not a tear leaves my eye. Do I not even realize I am sad? How can this be? I thought I took long ago off my mask."
“Oh, foul fortune! As another lies beneath, as an onion layers away, I assume I do obey.
"To undo my footing on this path leaves me in open air to fall. But now where I land it is up to god. Oh I pray that my feet do hit feathered ground. As thorns I left behind I do wish to avoid."
“And as I land, I land blind. This new path useless? Where I have come from useless? No! I must press on!” So blindly stumbling does this poor fool scratch about. Until the very end, he fails, crashes to a pit. He can not get out."
“All this is observed by a loving god? Oh I can hear him from my pit. ‘Why did you look down at your feet and not up?"
"Not up," I exclaimed, furious now. “If I don't look at my feet where shall I see the ground?"
"Oh blame not your feet for where you wound up. The only walk to wherever you want."
"I only wanted green grass and cool streams to drink, to find completion in the form of good company!"
"Oh I would say those desires are grand! But had you not water and friends on the old path? Did thou not care that this is another man’s land? I made a home for you and a home for him, but yours suffice not? So, have the other and know you will not fit in!"

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Chris Lucia
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Captain Romantic
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Pop / Acoustic

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Denver, CO