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Danny Deane / Bio

The Basement Tapes

Recorded Spring 2011 @ StudioB Recordings

Victoria, Canada

performed, produced & engineered by Danny Deane
all material copyrighted by the original artists - all trademarks are those of their respective holders

In the spring of 2011 I began work on a recording project that would be both a labor of love, and hopefully also help to serve some purpose to continue to promote my singing and further some next steps for my musical career.

Although my plate is incredibly full working with my Aerosmith tribute, Aerosmith Rocks - that bands focus is live performance, and I find myself with the desire to record and satisfy my other musical passions, studio work. So using whatever spare time I can, I planned to get into the studio and record *something*.

Only problem is, at the time of writing, I don't have any original material assembled. Oh sure, I have a song or two here and there that's yet to be recorded (or previously demo’d) - but I don't have a cohesive body of writing that would make for a CD or even solo project at this time.

So I found myself with the need for some fresh studio material to forward a few agendas - personal, and hopefully if the results were good, a good promotional tool would come of it.

Enter "The Basement Tapes".


This project is intended to serve a couple of purposes. First and foremost it's a musical outlet for me, plain and simple. The material I've chosen to record is a diverse collection of world-class, classic rock vocalists that I've either covered in past, or have always wanted to cover these particular songs.

Plus, I've often wondered as a vocalist who specializes in classic rock, how can I best showcase my voice and use the recording to help promote myself at the same time.

After all, as a tribute performer a lot of people know me & my talents strictly based on their exposure to what I do in the tribute band. And although Steven Tyler is an amazing vocalist (and it is no easy feat cover Aerosmith alone), I am much more than just a Tyler-clone and I hope these recording also hope to stress that.

I've collected a group of songs that I hope will help to demonstrate some of my range as a vocalist. Not vocal range per say, but an ability to deliver a song despite the fact that they might come from a diverse collection of vocalists - all the while sticking to the genres in music that I cover best: Rock, Classic Rock, and Metal.

I'll be placing this material online as a promotional tool to help serve as a demo for myself and hopefully increase the chances that perhaps an established artist from these genres might hear my vocals and think that I'm well suited to help support a classic rock band that no longer tours, or is looking for a comeback!

Hey, gotta put it out there to the universe right? (hmmm, I wonder if Jimmy Page or Ron Wood will read/hear this :))

Being the Internet, I think I might be opening up myself to the potential for some serious criticisms, as some of these artists/vocalists are very near and dear to their fans. Hopefully I will do all of the stuff justice, but being the web, I'm certain it'll also attract a bunch of armchair critics and self-professing industry types.

On a lot of levels that's not the point. Granted, I don't have access to a world-class recording facility, nor do I want to take 4-6 months to produce this material. So no, it won't be "perfect" or "just like the record" - and again, that's not the point. Critique away!

Sure, I want to show off some of my chops as an engineer & producer, but I know the limits of my gear, time& talents...and at the end of the day, this is intended to be a demo. (uh, it's recorded in a basement!)

Finally, this material has not been produced for profit. I in no way claim to have rights to this material, nor will I be selling it or trying to use it for profit. This is for demonstration purposes only!

If you like the songs and the artists, support them and buy the original recordings.

Additionally, I want to include that this recording could have been done without the support of friend & guitarist Dan Parker who is featured throughout the project.

Watch for studio videos of this material to be released to YouTube on both Dan & I's video channels.

Rock on & thanks for listening!

Danny Deane

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Danny Deane - vocals, engineering, production | Dan Parker - guitars
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Danny Deane
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Victoria, BC, CA