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Stone Rosevelt is a rock band hailing from Paris, Texas. Combining the talents of Chad Farris, Chris Shoemate, Ben Alsup, and Nick Burton, they give new meaning to rocking out, as seen at Scatfest 2011, held at Buffalo Joe’s Pub in Paris. Farris is the lead vocalist as well as guitarist. His influences range from Nirvana to the Stone Temple Pilots, and can be heard in his signature sound for the band. Shoemate is described by Farris as the “quintessential guitarist,” crediting groups and artists Van Halen, Eric Clapton, and Joe Satriani. Alsup on the bass is influenced by more progressive bands such as Rush and Porcupine Tree. Finally, the drummer, Nick Burton credits classic big band drummers for his style of playing. They all agree that the biggest influence on their playing and sound is “just enjoying what they do.” Truly an eclectic group of artists, and it shows in their high-energy performances.
Tragedy struck the band when original bassist Joe Hime passed away. However, Stone Rosevelt has obviously risen above it and become stronger in its wake. They met through local online forums and just by knowing each other through friendships and the local music scene. A wide variety of influences and the natural chemistry of the band works well together, lending the group a sound all their own despite such big-name bands as influences showing through in their work.
The song Faded Pictures is a good introduction to Stone Rosevelt, having local radio play as well as being very representative of the sound of the band. They play mostly original music, though they do cover other songs as well from influential bands. However, Farris said that, “In a 90 minute set, there might be three cover songs.” Not bad for a local band, especially considering they already have radio play and a sizable following. Stone Rosevelt is first a foremost a rock band enjoying what they do, and that enjoyment that they experience shows through in their performances. Truly a must-see band.
-Lance Fletcher

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Chad Farris, Chris Shoemate, Ben Alsup, Nick Burton
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Stone Rosevelt
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Rock / Alternative Rock / Southern Rock

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Paris, TX
Brandon malloy

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