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Cruachan / Bio

Pioneers of Celtic Metal and one of the first true Folk Metal bands, playing this style before it became a trend to do so. Cruachan was formed in 1992 by Keith Fay and John Fay. John Clohessy was recruited along with other members who have since departed. With a love of Celtic music, history and mythology, they sought to incorporate this into their music and lyrics, on a scale that had never been done before.
They released a demo 'Celtica' in late 93'. It was highly praised worldwide and caught the attention of a variety of labels.. one being "Nazguls Eyrie Productions" from Germany. Cruachan signed to this label in early 94'. They recorded their debut album "Tuatha na Gael" in early 95'and it was released on the Celtic feast of Beltaine. Black metal interlaced with Celtic tunesCruachan played live often in the period 95' to 97' and as with their music, their live shows were at the time unique also, with a true Celtic taste.

"Hammerheart records" from Holland were keen to sign us, in Oct. 99' the deal was sorted and Cruachan began recording their second album entitled "The Middle Kingdom" in Nov. 99' this was released in June 2000.

Cruachan consider themselves as modern day bards or storytellers. They tell the old Celtic myths and legends of their proud past like the ancient Fili did before them, or the tales of hardship and rebellion that Ireland endured, through the medium of music

Currently signed to Candlelight records which boasts a number of other well renowned acts on it's roster, Cruachan recorded their latest offering 'Blood on the Black Robe'. Returning to the their roots and the roots of Folk Metal as a whole, this latest opus is an angry pagan collective that takes no prisoners!!

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Band Members
Keith Fay-Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard, Bodhran. John (O'Fathaigh) Fay-Whistles, Flute, Keyboard. Eric Fletcher-Bass. John Ryan-Violin, Cello. Kieran Ball - Guitar.
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Metal / Folk Metal / Pagan Metal

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Dublin 24, IE