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Pooh G / Bio

Pooh G Bio
Updated 3/26/13

"Ultimately, my goal as an artist is to be one of "The Greats". I want to be recognized as the first person in my family to be successful. I do this for my family especially my 3yr old Asyah. I came from a poor family and I don't really have anything besides my talent and one day I will be one of The Greats."
-Pooh G

It is said that when you have a gift or a true passion for something, you don’t just do it, you do it with your heart and soul until your very last breath. Herbie Hancock said,

“Creativity and artistic endeavors have a mission that goes far beyond just making music for the sake of music.”

People that do something and put their all into it, eventually become the greatest or one of the greatest. Since the beginning of society music has been the most influential force on earth. You have music that makes you mad, happy, cry, etc. Hip Hop is something that if used in the right way, could channel every human emotion by the time you reach the end of the CD. Very few of today’s artist are able to make this happen. The 608 native, Pooh G is one of these very few that posses the lyrical talent to trigger any human emotion in his music.
Born September 15, 1990 on the south side of Madison, WI, Mister Michael Seville Gibson was born to Cindy and Michael Gibson. . Even as an infant Pooh G has had a love for music from Orchestra to Hip Hop.

“We used to have to put headphones in his ear because music was the only thing that could keep him from crying.” Said Pooh G’s older brother. Of course becoming an emcee didn’t happen overnight, in other words Pooh G had to find his lyrical potential as an emcee. This was difficult for him because he was raised in a home where hip hop music was not allowed. Although his step-father tried everything in his power to erase his talent, Pooh G never gave up his love for music.

“Everywhere I went I was thinking about music. I couldn’t read any books because I would read in melody or rhyme scheme. My teachers hated it.” Explained Pooh G. In 2006 Pooh G lost his big brother figure Ricky T. Ricky T told Pooh G something that sticks to him today. He said:

“You can be either be the words that were expressed through music and performed in front of millions of people, or you can be the words that just stayed in a book.”
-Ricky T

Inspired by these words, along with the influence of brother L.U.V, Pooh G started rapping at the age of 16. After reciting his first verse in the presence of family, Pooh G knew that he had gift but didn’t have the tools yet to make the people feel him like he wanted. Recording his first song “my names” with producer and mentor: Devote “Baldhead Kingpin” Sago; Pooh G grew to love making music. Song after song his love for music grew stronger and he developed the hunger for more. For the next 2 years Pooh G had linked up with other artists such as Patience “Pai” Johnson, then Beezey and Mz. Dot to form the group “Royalty.” Even after the group breakup Pooh G and Mz. Dot continued doing shows together. Shows include Juneteenth, the Johnny Winston Block Party, and other shows around the Mid West. After going solo for a few months, Pooh G reached out to (C.E.O of Get Rich Records) longtime brother figure “Romey” and recorded “Throw Ya Rag Freestyle.” It was then Pooh G started to find his flow and his love for the music grew even stronger. In the summer of 2008, Pooh G met a man by the name of Tony “Big Tone” Travis and later on in 2009 created the collaborative group project “Sidewalk Academy.” The group started out with 14 members; and for that summer the group was on the grind. Performing anywhere they could be heard such as, the union, Beloit River Feast, the Majestic, ETC. Big Tone worked with Pooh G on perfecting his gift. Pooh G learned to expand his versatility by putting his heart on paper with songs like “So Simple." His unique “did he really say that” punch line format was formed with songs like “Bread n Butter” “Dreads and Tattoos” and “Pratt House.” At this time Pooh G had developed what he calls his “random rhyme scheme.” If he could see it, then it became a metaphor on a napkin, back of receipts, mail, etc. Big Tone helped Pooh G become an emcee. “It’s kind of like Tone was IP Man of hip hop and I am Bruce Lee.” said Pooh G. Slowly but surely members of the group started leaving and what started out as 14 members died down to only 2 members, forcing Big Tone out of retirement. Pooh G joined up with 2 other member of “Sidewalk Academy” (best friends Patrick "Scketch" and A.B) and formed “P.S.A (Public Service Announcement).” Pooh G has recently left Sidewalk Academy and is now solo doing projects with other artist. “Sidewalk is the best thing to happen to me. That will always be my team. As an artist, I appreciate Big Tone for everything I owe him one.” said Pooh G. Pooh G just released his new Mixtape (608 Vol. 1) on April 1st, 2013 with features by Scketch, Patience Johnson and Stunt. 608 Vol. 1 got most viral of the week on thatcrack.com, over 1100 downloads and 1600 views overnight. The mixtape is also available on djfabulust.com, datpiff.com, coast2coastmixtapes.com. Now that Pooh G is at the level where nothing or nobody can stop him, he can now do what he does best. Be on the lookout for future projects from Pooh G.

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