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Vava Vol / Bio

Vava Vol is a graduate of the Western Board of Music and Royal Conservatory of Toronto in Grade VIII classical piano and Harmony III. She was awarded a grant from the Canada Council of Performing Arts in 1984 to perform in Berlin, West Germany. Her first musical venture was as keyboardist and singer with the Montreal band “The Essentials”. The band’s music was punk/brit pop/rock influenced and included hits like “You’re Too Rude” and “Can’t Afford”. Vava’s next venture was with Duotang, a two-member electronica/experimental/reggae/jazz infused duo. The band used various mono/poly analog synths, a beat box, bass sequencer and vocoder to create their eclectic sound. They became well known in the Montreal music scene and performed regularly at local night clubs and art spaces. Duotang’s first international show was in New York City at the Pyramid Club in the early 80s. While performing with Duotang, Vava acquired a taste for singing in various languages and an interest in industrial noise music, which led her to the drone machine master, Zilon Lazer. Billed simply as “Vava and Zilon”, they showcased their music in various art spaces and night clubs in Montreal, more notably the Pyramid Club in New York, as well as the opening night of that city’s infamous Lower East Side club, Save the Robotz. Their kid was SensitivOrganz with Vava on e-bass, synths & vocals, Zilon on beats, back vocals, noise and drones and Claudius on electric and bass guitars. Vava also did solo gigs in Montreal, New York City and Berlin, various radio interviews, most notably with CBC Radio’s “Brave New Waves” as well as other french and english press reviews. Included was a feature article, written by Llys Dana while Vava was in Berlin, for the Paris arts and cultural magazine “Kanal, Le Journal des Cheyennes”. She was also snapped by Paige Powell at the Pyramid Club in New York and the photo was later published in the March 1985 edition of Andy Warhol’s “Interview” magazine. Always the antediluvian, Vava found time to portray a warrior queen in the francophone play entitled “Opus Contre Nature” which was based on a battle between androgyns and warriors. Opus gave birth to two songs, “Primitiv” and “Amazomium”, written and produced by Jacques Demers and Jean Paré. In the fall of 1983, “Savana” was filmed on-set at l’Eskabel in collaboration with P.R.I.M. video.
Vava’s 1984 Canada Council grant allowed her to travel to West Berlin and paved the way for her two DIY self-produced cassette packages which were later distributed by the Montreal underground record store, Bunker. Originally released on 100 numbered cassettes, “MetalArbeitenSchlinge Montreal”, was packaged in a 5”x8” plastic envelope including pictures of the artist and liner notes. Upon her return from Berlin, Vava released the second cassette “MetalArbeitenSchlinge Berlin”. The cover shots for both releases cassettes were selected from a series of portraits taken in Berlin and were courtesy of the Berliner photographer, Nicole Fortin. In 2009, Vava released both MetalArbeitenSchlinge tapes on the internet in MP3 format. Later on that year, she also released her 1990s musical collaborations “Sensitivorganz – The Warehouse Sessions”, “Sensitivorganz SOS” and “SensitivOrganz Porno No-No”. In 2010, “Portents” and “Compositions/ Decompositions” were released. 2013 proved to be a busy year for Vava with releases of her various music videos on YouTube as well as being added to the catalogue of artists in the Berlin blog PostPunkOddities’, a compilation of the most obscure and/or bizarre creative, anarchic post-punk bands during the 70s, 80s and 90s. She also released the brand new experimental album “Behind the Light” in April, followed up by 3 new songs on the work-in-progress album “Celestial” in December 2013. Special thanks to Zilon Lazer for his brilliant musicianship and support and Joshua Freid for his remarkable live mix on "Primitiv" recorded at the Pyramid Club. Throughout her musical career, Vava had the pleasure of working with the incredible videographers Paul "Simon Eyes" Antoniadès, who was kind enough to chronicle her legacy of live performances throughout the years and Diane "Yana Tape" Lassonde who, together with Simon Eyes, generously offered her video art as installations and backdrops to Vava’s live shows. All content Copyright © 1981-2014 InMinusFours. All rights reserved.

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