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"Liberty has to be given to others in order to be kept, and it's each generation's responsibility to preserve it."
That's what musician/songwriter Matt Fitzgibbons believes is the driving force behind the success of our Republic and all free societies.

Since 2005, Fitzgibbons has been writing non-partisan music to inspire people to think about individual liberty and to help spread positive, creative ways to secure our rights. With the release of his first CD "Patriot", and his website PatriotMusic.com, Fitzgibbons has reached thousands of people with his music and message. In 2007 he released his second CD "Patriot 2: A Celebration of Liberty" featuring the U.S. Constitution on the cover with a muddy footprint and a hand wiping it clean. Both CDs won ASCAPlus awards and received excellent reviews nationwide for their melodies, musicianship, lyrics and message. In 2007, his song "Freedom" was featured in a historical documentary called "The Gang". Letters, emails, and online comments from people from all walks of life and from all over the world tell stories about how his music changed their lives and motivated them to get involved in working for the things they believe in.

Fitzgibbons has consistently been ahead of the curve with his ideas. He began writing for his project in 2004, long before any musician and few politicians were talking about liberty, the U.S. Constitution or the Bill of Rights. In May of 2012, he released a free, pre-release song called "They Can't Take that Away from You" with a video slideshow emphasizing the importance of rights, protest, and our nations mounting debt.

In early 2012, Fitzgibbons released his third CD, called "Entitled". It features an acrylic painting of Uncle Sam in the foreground after having been mugged and beaten up by two figures who are walking away, counting their spoils: a donkey and an elephant. The CD has 13 tracks, 10 of which have recieved FM radio play around the U.S., and all of which have recieved extensive online radio play. Fitzgibbons has done more than 50 interviews and won second place in an Irish Protest Song Songwriting Contest for his song "Whiskey", which tells the tale of one man's experiences in the Whiskey Rebellion. He has maintained the #1 position regionally on ReverbNation for Singer/Songwriters, and has been as high up on the U.S. charts as #20 and #30 internationally. Many of Fitzgibbons' interviews are available on his website at www.PatriotMusic.com/Press.html.

"The U.S. is more divided now than we have been since our Civil War because we've forgotten the simple, but timeless truths in our Founding Principles. Too many people think about thigs red versus blue, but it's actualy much simpler. An aristocracy has formed in Washington D.C. and it’s been over 40 years since the public has been involved in creating a Constitutional Amendment. That’s too long. Our system was designed with the hope that every generation would participate. One vote every couple of years is not enough”, he says. Through his website and interviews, Fitzgibbons is spreading the word about the tools people already have to make a difference.

Written, recorded, produced, and published by Fitzgibbons, all three CDs combine unforgettable melodies and modern sounds with the simple, but powerful truths that are as revolutionary today as they were in 1776. On each CD, Fitzgibbons sings and plays guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, and harmonica, but has always featured additional musicians. For latest CD "Entitled", Fitzgibbons worked with world class artists (Rich Roger- guitar; Vinnie Bockius- bass, and engineer A.J. Sorenson) to create 13 unignorable songs that are a cross between Pop, and Modern Rock, yet with poignant lyrics. “It’s the best way to get people to start thinking about what they can do to help fix the mess we’re in”.

For more information, including videos and free music from each of Fitzgibbons' three CDs, visit his website at www.PatriotMusic.com.

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Matt Fitzgibbons, Rich Roger, Vinnie Bockius
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Matt Fitzgibbons
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Matthew Fitzgibbons

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