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Brady / Bio

*Earphones and eyes shut for full effect!*

My voyage into music production started in 96, using a cracked copy of Rebirth and Steinberg Beatbox! Unsurprisingly, it didn't go far.
Around 98 I learned the ins and outs of mixing properly, I was poor but had loads of fun trying! Around '02 I got hold of Mixmeister and working with what I knew, managed to kick out quite a few decent mix CDs, using originals and remixes(inc my own), soundbytes and layers of atmosphere to make each one unique. Mixing these taught me the basics of music, so now I produce.

I'm always tweaking for the Lo-Fi vibe. As a youngun I would cut different elements of my parents classics and enjoy the sound - tinny, dull, whatever else happened that sounded different - little did I know, this was the early sign of a Lo-Fi Brave! Another thing I notice is that as I tended to own pikey copies rather than the tapes from HMV, when I heard my favourite songs on the radio or round someones house, something wasn't right... nay, the raw power was gone! A lot of my sounds I play / record / play / record using my blackberry or edit with VSTs such as Vyniliser and Nectar, anything to get a rough, dutty sound that sounds like it's coming from an LP you found in the attic... Sneaker Pimps are a BIG inspiration to me.

Nowdays I've started to get my head round the EQ etc... Still using FL8! Humanising, FX etc are all news to me, and I'm slowly gettin the gist. I learn by myself, so often I'm missing the very basics, and almost every day I find out something that would have helped since the beginning - the cowboy workarounds I've developed are pretty sweet though and have taught me a deal on their own!
Lately I've been messing around with sampled tunes a bit more.

Most of my tracks don't build up or down in the conventional way... I prefer maintaining a steady vibe.

I'm getting better at composing but only through trial and error, I hope to one day make a complex track but it's some way off yet!

Most of the music I make is atmospheric type stuff inspired by books I've read, things I've seen or people I know... have a listen and read the lyrics for more info!

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