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Champagne City / Bio

Champagne City life as an artist has had it’s share of ups and downs as well as his personal life.
Growing up in a single parent home, City turned to his older brothers as father and authoritive figures, which as luck would have it, were Street Figures in the worse way. At the same time, they were deeply involved in music.
Through his life growing up, City always was a fan of rap music, reggae, and rock.
On occassion his mother would drop him and his brothers off to their grandmother’s house for the summer, where he developed a further outlook on music by spending that time with his brother Anthony.
In the 8th grade, following the tragic death of his older brother “Timmy Scotts," City began to use written words as a means of expressing his personal feelings. However, City’s brother Phil discovered his passion for writing and forced him to write songs and battle rap as means of discipline when he got into trouble. At the same time, he didn’t like the fact that he had to write songs instead of venting his personal feelings that helped him mourn his brother Timmy's death.
Overtime City realized that he could successfully express himself and get his message across through his music.
Unfortunately after an ongoing battle with kidney disease and complications, City's brother Phil passed away. Since that day City has never stopped writing songs. City’s passion turned into a career that has taken him around the world. Following in his Brother Phil's footsteps, City put a life of drugs and violence behind him to accomplish a goal him and his brother shared of becoming a "MC."
Being on the Rock the Mic tour, Up and Smoke tour, and rocking shows from Toronto to Denver, I would say City's brother would be very proud. City is one of those lyricists that u can relate with through every song he writes.

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B.M.F ENT/ Plug Life Brick Squad Monoply/ Money Michigan ent..
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