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Traces of Lace / Bio

Thank you to all that continue to extend their support and encouragement even when i take unannounced time away. I'd like to say i'll do better, but no promises will i make. Looking forward to catching up with all those that have been good to me when i can and if i miss messages or new songs, I hope you will be patient with me or kick me in the backside with a message . Take care all! ~ Lace

Traces of Lace . . . a lifeline extended to me by loving friends once upon a dreary time. Never in my life had i imagined ever doing anything like what i'm doing now. Whenever i look at all the songs on this page I still find it all sort of unbelievable and I suspect such an adventure might be a total surprise to those that know me in the real world. So. . . the lifeline has turned into an Oasis where i can express, escape the day to day, and have something for me that i can be proud of. All my collab-mates have given me so much more than i can say.

A huge thank you to kappi of Kloudworks for encouraging my first step on this path with our song 'Type On' back in 2011, and to so many other sweet friends (Nix, Di & Sven & Joe Jaunty particularly) that were there when all began standing at my side, trusting, encouraging and inspiring me with their gifts of music and friendship. I wish i could give and do more. I look forward to leaving more Traces on this world. Thank you for your patience and for reading and listening to my dear friends and myself. Please do visit all involved here and help me give them the appreciation they deserve for those huge hearts and loving spirits of theirs.

Trace these friends and partners to the addresses below:

kappi@ http://www.reverbnation.com/kloudworks & http://www.reverbnation.com/shipsofgold
NIX @ http://www.reverbnation.com/exploderamera & http://www.reverbnation.com/farmersanddevils
Di & Sven @ http://www.reverbnation.com/diandsven & http://www.reverbnation.com/stagesofagescrew
Joe Jaunty @ http://www.reverbnation.com/joejaunty & http://www.joejaunty.bandcamp.com
Bo Strandell @ http://www.facebook.com/bostrandell & http://www.myspace.com/583580821
Daniel Lockhart @ http://www.reverbnation.com/prdvocals & http://www.reverbnation.com/farmersanddevils & http://www.reverbnation.com/progrockdan1
Smokey Fennell @ http://www.reverbnation.com/smokeyfennell & http://www.smokinsteel.com/
Mike Jurgaitis @ http://www.reverbnation.com/robokitty
Mr. Invisible
Lace @ http://www.reverbnation.com/tracesoflace


Mhmmm! Create some steam! 'NO NO's & WANNA DO's' with the latest collab of Nix vs Lace! Oh-oh, baby! A special thank you to Nix of Exploderamera for his generosity and patience in mixing up and unleashing this steamy creation!

RAINBOWS!!!! Why leave it to chance?! Rain or shine make forever 'Rainbows'! Light the sky with kappi & Lace's latest collaboration! Thank you kappi for coloring this brilliant rainbow!

Quench all your want & need! 'Mind Nibblin' a new duo powered by dear friends and long time collaborators, Nix & Lace! Sincerest thanks to Nix for his creativity and work on this one. Give me, Give me!

It's all about the Love Love! kappi pulls Lace up into the Crew with 'Ages of Stages' a beautifully k.rafted cover of Sven Fredheim's 'Stages of Ages Go By'. Many thanks to kappi for his inspiration and expertise. The 'Stages of Ages' Crew, a worldwide collaboration, was born from Sven's wonderful and heartfelt song. Many thanks to Sven & his lovely Di!

Joe Jaunty, Lace & Bo Strandell!
A bit of winter warmth was found >>> 'Online!' Traces realized several firsts with this collab . . . a duet, the arrival of the talented Mr. Bo Strandell & first-time vocals from Lace.
Many thank you's to Joe for the wonderful & challenging opportunity and to kappi for helping me realize it through the creation of my first vocal track & accompanying artwork. ~ Lace

A storm of kisses?! Kappi & Lace rocked the walls & threatened to rip all right up off the ground with 'Kiss Master'!

A sweet-filled, sound morsel! Nix, Kappi & Lace walked into Fall with 'Walk of Claim'!

A NEW TRIO WALK-ing-ABOUT!!! Out of the Tasmanian wilderness! Tracing dreams into reality with their light, love & Lace. . . Sven & Di with 'Passion Rained'! Sven & Di, long-treasured artists and beautiful friends, opened their House of Love to Lace's lyrics with their heart touching and impassioned musical creation.

Daydreams and taste treats! The Summer of 2011 sizzled with 'Sunbeam'! NIX, kappi & Lace return and deliver the heat! Nix & kappi music & sound mastery, kappi's steamy vocals and kappi & Lace with sunburnt lyrics.

Recent adventure . . . Hunting the streets from Sweden to the US . . . he was found! Legendary street musician, Joe Jaunty! Joe teamed with Lace . . . to sculpt from the darkness . . . . 'Shadows'! Music, effects & Vocals by Joe Jaunty with lyrics by Joe Jaunty & Lace.

Previously! Traces left the sea behind and shot up 'Over The Clouds'! Three good friends, NIX & kappi & Lace, reunite one more time! Float up into the sky with 'Over The Clouds'! Nix & Kappi mixed the music & sound, Kappi's voice soared again with lyrics by Lace.

For the first time! This collab dropped into the sea . . . forming circles and spreading waves that reached the shores of Sweden, Germany and the USA! A heart felt thank you to the brilliant NIX of ExploderaMera & Kappi of Das Konigshaus & Almondized for 'On The Hill'! NIX laid out his vision in a dramatic and rolling seascape of music & lyrics, added to that was a bit of lyrics from Lace, & then the boldly soaring voice and musical genius of Klaus Kappes, better known as Kappi.

Traces . . .is a bit of magical happenchance . . . the adventure began tapping out traces in 2011 with 'Type On'. . . music & vocals by Kloudworks' kappi & lyrics by Lace. Traces continues to grow with wonderful & talented friends from around the world (Germany, Sweden, Australia & the USA)

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Lace,kappi,Nix,Di&Sven,Joe Jaunty,Bo Strandell,StagesOfAgesCrew,Dan-PRDvocals,Farmers&Devils,Rudy jr.,Smokey Fennel,RoboKitty,Mr.Invisible
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Traces of Lace
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Topeka, KS