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Glass Skeleton Death March / Bio

A General of many wars, his name known only by those he killed, found himself at ends with his homeland. He had burned many countries, killed thousands, and destroyed many kingdoms. For this he was exiled; offered no chance to return becuse of his horrible war crimes. In his journeys, he came across a man, claiming to be of great power. The man offered the General the chance for immortality if he would continue his conquests, allowing the man to delve into his exploits. The General, knowing he would burn for the atrocities he'd performed, accepted.
He led his army to great glory against his enemies, bringing the man to greater power and wealth. At long last, the general found himself standing above the rotting corpse from the last battle, waiting for the man to appear with his cure for death. The man appeared, offering him a vial of liquid: the payment he was promised for his years of work. Tasting merely water, he felt himself boil over with rage as he tossed the vial aside. Suddenly a spear erupted from his chest. The spear was planted in the ground leaving the General to die. His vision faded, with the man's grin being his last sight before he felt his body plunge into a dark pit of hell. As he fell, his flesh burned and flayed from the bone. Drifting through the black abyss. he cursed the man through his constant, agonizing pain. He rejected his wrongful fate, trying to climb the infinite void into which he had fallen. Years he climbed, through fire and brimstone, before feeling a small breeze from the world above that had ended him, giving him hope at long last.
For what seemed like ages, he ascended the endless pit. Finally, he found a foothold to break through. The moon was the sign of his rebirth as he cast his body up and out from the ground unto a frozen tundra. As his molten bones touched the cool air, they were crystallized into a deep green glass, hardening like steel. Fighting the agony of rebirth, his new body supported him as he walked for days to the field of his defeat. At the place of his death, he took up his sword and armor, donning them again in hopes of vengeance. Leaving all dead in his wake, he marched to the kingdom of the man who had wronged him, but found the deceiver gone.
As he cursed the sky in anger, he watched as the freshly dead rose before him and were stripped of their skin just as he, becoming skeletons of the same ghostly green. He approached them with caution, but was reassured to see them raise their weapons and bow to him. This was the inception of his march for "The Deceiver". Our band is a Tribute to his march.
The Glass Skeleton Death March.

General Info

Band Members
Zach Consler - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals. Tim Wright - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals A.J. Piszcz - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals. Julian Nottage - Drums
Artist Name
Glass Skeleton Death March
Home Page
Metal / Traditional Metal / Power-Doom Metal

Contact Info

Oneonta, NY

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