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Lost Souls have a sound of their own, so many genres come to mind...Authentic, Real Life, Melodic, Soulful, Gangster, Head Bobbing... music that is so hard to categorize while searching for them on ITunes. Take some time to listen to the lyrics of Lost Souls and you'll find yourself stuck in time through some of your own trials in life as these lyrical assassins take you on a journey in their life.

Our musik is not an attempt to gain credibililty on the street, we alreay have that. Our musik is a reflection of ourselves, our lives, and an open invitation to any person out there who can relate to struggle. Every mother workin 2 jobs to support herself and her children, every man losing time to spend with his family so he can work his fingers to the bone to try and make something for his future and his family, every hustler that makes sure he's home in time to make breakfast and take his kids to school. Our musik is for u, because we r u. And u r us.

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Eric Casillas aka Froggy (Vocals) Base,Phillip Powell aka Lucky. (Vocals)
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Lost Souls
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Hip Hop / Lost Souls / Underground

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Garden Grove, CA