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DEADNATION Is an all original combination of Metal, Electronic, Rock & Rap music collaborated into hard driving beats & offensive yet interesting lyrics & raging solos. We've been known to cross genres and follow no trends. We're pushing the Envelope 1 step too far and pissing off all the wrong people.
What started out as a practical joke in the 1990s with the band "Cockpit" (1996-1998), came a series of comedic experimental electronic metal songs written by JB. Having trouble with the poor timing of the original drummer, Cockpit replaced the drummer with a keyboard which JB used to program all of the songs to maintain a strict perfect timing. With a drummerless band, Cockpit later changed their name to P.I.M.P. NATION (Politically Insane Mad Protesters) from 1999-2000. Much bad luck came from this, and band members started to back out after they began to realize that JB possessed a mad vision beyond their understanding. A vision of riots and fires in the streets of DEADNATION.
With only 2 members remaining, (John Balz & Ramcat) things spiraled to a dead halt and Ramcat finally backed out. The final name of the band in 2001 was DEADNATION, but was short lived when JB took a turn for the worst that same year. Soon after the breakup of DEADNATION, John Balz was omitted into the Elgin Mental Health Facility. Diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic, JB spent the next 7 years there until his release in 2008.
Considered to be "better" and given the proper medications to function normally, JB moved back to his old girlfriend Seng's house to hit the old DEADNATION music vault. There, he remixed all the material several times until it was up to its current greatness. JB then recruited drummer & brother "JJ Sak" in 2009 and later recruited Bassist "Kryst" to complete the line-up of the infamous DEADNATION. They did several gigs around the area, but due to lack of communication and differences, Kryst left the band in 2010 leaving DEADNATION back on the prowl to complete the trilogy.
In 2011, JB layed out the 1st 2 albums of the DEADNATION Chronicles and the 3rd Chronicle was released February of 2012. Between October of 2012 and April of 2013, the next 3 complete albums were recorded and completed. All music and lyrics were written, programmed and performed by JB. All music was mixed and produced at LNL Recording Studio in Elgin IL by Larry Kriz and John Balz. This is the update of the Urban Legend John Balz at DEADNATION and the mission of what is known as the "Fuck You Tour". Discography Includes:
(1) Repeat Offender
(2) The Devil's Trickbag
(3) Preacher of Obscenities
(4) Assassination of Balz
(5) Rebels of the Dead World
(6) The JB Project: Death Valley Crossroad

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Band Members
John Balz: Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Keyboard Programs, Samples, Bullhorn JJ Sak: Live Drums Greg Marcotte: Live Bass
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Metal / Electronic / Rock

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Elgin, IL
The Schultz Bros.

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