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MuD was born in Val Vibrata (Teramo) in the Spring of 2004. Frank (drummer), Dedo (guitarist) and Mauro a.k.a AldoHC’s (singer) first came up with the idea of a new band, united by the passion of cross-over and driven by desire to play. Mud started playing live performances once that Garçon (guitarist) and Panino (bassist) joined the band.

In 2006 Sandro Di Vitantonio was recruited as a bassist and in the same year the group including Sandro recorded a first demo entitle ‘Promo 2006’. The work was deemed to be hasty with sloppy sound, however it’s focus was to make the audience to understanding the intention of the group (i.e. the impact of cross-over, with some hard core grain).

In 2007 and 2008 the group saw a scope of working together with other Italian underground groups. During these years, HC influence grew, and the new tracks acquired speed and heaviness.

In the Winter of 2008 Sandro left the group for some personal motives, and was
replaced by Mirko Iobbi (Mestruophagia,ex MK77); with him they recorded the second
full lenght. "Slow Degradation" was released with a lag,i.e. in 2009 January. The
new EP, self-made, includes just 3 tracks (+intro) with a sound and a recording
finally excellent.

In April 2009, Frank (drummer) one of the founding members the band left the group for personal reasons. MuD founded a new drummer, Valerio Valeri, ex Degenero's drummer and he came from a tradition of an HC Old School style.

However, the band was forced to undergo further changes in February 2010;
When Mirko Iobbi left the MUD after a year and a half, and Daniele,member of Bloodraised was replaced in January 2011 by Ilaria.

Mud decided not to replace a new guitarist after Dedo (one of the founding members) left the band for personal reasons. The group continued to operate with four members. This changes in line up did not hinder the group’s commitment to it’s live performance gigs.
2011 is the year of the long awaited first full length, entitled "Violence Against Violence", recorded completely DIY, and out for the independent label Audiozero Records.
An italian tour follows the release of the new album but after some gig, the life of the band is marked by the decision to quit with MuD by Garçon and a few months later by that of Valerio. These changes did not make derail, however, the project that re-starts greatly thanks to the sudden winning acquisition of Luca B (Violent Minority) on guitar and Sapo (Violent Minority, T.E.N.E.T.) on drums.

Fortunately, after a period of stop from live activity in the beginning of 2012, Garçon comes to his senses and decides to return to join the band, so here we are now, Aldo, Garçon, Ilaria, Luca B and Sapo returning to play on the stage of all over Italy, from Alps to Sicily, and Europe. Infact, in spring 2013 MuD has an european tour with brothers Vibratacore across Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic and Germany.
After another intense summer of live activity (Pescara HC, San Metallo, Rozz' fest, La Raje HC Fest....) the band starts the autumn opening a gig of Cripple Bastards and with the purpose of record a new studio album in first months of 2014!
Stay tuned for more!

Some of the bands with whom we have shared the stage:

Livello Zero
Inferno Kernelzero
Non Toccate Miranda
Straight Opposition
Violent Sutura
Taste The Floor
Bloody Riot
Buffalo Grillz
Raw Power
Cripple Bastards

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Band Members
Mauro a.k.a. AldoHC - Vocals; Garçon - Guitar; Luca B - Guitar; Sapo - Drums; Ilaria - Bass
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Metal / Hardcore / Metalcore

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Val Vibrata, TE, IT