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Black Jeans / Bio

Tick goes the hand of the devils watch....

We're a 5 piece band, looking for gigs in the West Midlands. Please get in touch with us either through the band page, or one of the band members if anything comes up :)

Okay, so we're actually a group of friends first and a band second, and it was by pure chance that we all played separate instruments before we started. We're a young band, having formed in summer 2010, but we're serious too, whilst at the same time down to earth. We're unlike other bands of our age, and we're really trying to write quality songs that people will genuinely enjoy.

Please give our music a listen to, but bare in mind the recording we have is of a poor sound quality, with low amps, and that it's our first gig. We have enough songs for an EP or an album, and we have great chemistry which means we haven't nearly reached our peak yet.

We're looking for someone who can manage the band, get us a few gigs, and just generally help us to promote ourselves. So, please, get in contact with us.

Peace out.

General Info

Band Members
Matt Hawker George Kitchen Andre Thomas Aidan Hooper Liam Poole
Artist Name
Black Jeans
Home Page
Alternative / Angry Folk

Contact Info

Birmingham, UK