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Hello, my name is Ethan McMahan. I am looked at upon most other artisans as a 20 year old southern indie / Hip-Hop artist who's ideals are said to portray an individualistic stature and promote diverse Conceptualism between genres. As a Tar Heel State native, born and raised within the Western North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountain Range located in an upbeat city called Asheville. Growing up i have always had a passion and respect for all types of music and its many various fields of study. Being a talented young artist and stumbling upon my ability to engage in writing poetry at the age of eight, i immediately knew words would be my calling. I remember listening to all sorts of differentiated genres and sculpting the building blocks to which would pave my success that i now reference to as my todays personal developmental understanding. As my awareness of my musical touch blossomed from poeticism to lyricism then from word to feeling, i would purposely find myself contemplating between the different genres conflicting characteristics. I would later learn to compare and contrast these characteristics, mixing them with my ideas, experiences, hard work, and life lessons to create the artist and image that i reflect today. I have always said that if someone asks me to quote myself in one sentence it would read: Hard work plus honesty equals how TheRealEazy got his rap name ha-ha. Now back to music. At the age of fourteen is when i switched my arts from poetry to rock to hip/hop. I always loved how instruments could give off certain vibes that my voice couldn't pick up so naturally i taught myself how to play the guitar and sing. Eventually one of my friends talked me into writing a hip hop song for the fun of it and that is when i developed my love for hip hop. It seemed like it all tied together since i was rhyming so early and already developed a rhythm on guitar so naturally i was preparing for take off, the next stop being accomplishment. Living in a middle to low class family and attending public school until i graduated left me with no other choice than to have a very strong support system. A close knit group of dedicated friends and family members would prove to be my blessing as i found it EAZY but difficult to make my name stand out amongst the crowds along with the job of self promotion as i write, mix, promote, manage, produce, and teach myself from all aspects. After arriving to your attention today, i have only been writing in the music industry for one year solely self promoting and teaching myself but have a very strong achievements chart that i would like to share with you if not to busy. (I know how things can be with a busy schedule).

1. Voted North Carolina KING of Hip-Hop / Rap 2012 by BCM Magazine.

2. Voted Top 50 Indie Artist in United States 2012 by Coast2Coast Mixtapes, with artists such as T.I., The Game, Soulja Boy, Drake, and a lot of other big names.

3. Featured in Hip Hop Weekly Magazine as a Top Sweet Sixteen underground Artist in America.

4. Featured on Yelawolf's (Shady Records), Coast 2 Coast Mixtape. Then later getting to meet him on his tour.

5. Performed at Asheville's biggest Festival Bele Chere 2012.

6. Chosen to perform at the I Standard music Showcase in Raleigh and Charlotte NC, with judging being conducted by celebrity judges and talent scouts.

7. Have written 5 Mixtapes and 1 album totaling over 200 songs written in a yr and a half.

8. Performed with Project Pat (36 Mafia) and am still doing business with them today.

9. Met Slim Thug, Big Krit, and the whole underground tour at there first stop on there tour and freestyled with all of them and exchanged info.

10. Young Money CEO (lil Wayne) invited me to try out for his contest to find the newest member.

1. To be remembered as a leader, a spiritual just person who cares for his community and well being of his states.

2. To bring musical educational studios into public schools all across the united states to promote students practicing vocabulary, vibrations, feelings, giving them a place to vent the stresses of everyday life in schools giving them an ego boost and desire for their works. It would also benefit as an after school program where students could have a place to practice these skills in a safe environment rather than the streets where crime is a big influence to kids through peer pressure. i feel that this is a good cause and would benefit the students because as a student i have realized that without my drive and motivation i couldn't be at the point where i stand today. i hope to take these teachings and pass them on to my fellow students and teachers to show dedication and understanding of the benefits of feeling as humans we all withhold and urge to let them free without judgement. the program would easily spread quickly through america and travel its way across the seas to foreign countries revitalizing the necessity for acceptance and expression. Taking back hold of our youth and our streets by carrying them under our wings by introducing this new idea of truth.

3. Be recognized as one of the greatest if not the greatest MC alive

4. Reaching the public as someone to look up to for advice on a mass scale level through the feelings i give to them through my overall music instead of the context of just words.

5. Starting a family of my own one day with the intensions of helping the world and promoting a healthy household and businesses.

6. Create non-profit charities for local aswell as worldwide organizations promoting the overall well being of childhood development.

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