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Mixing elements of thrash and death metal with a progressive approach to riff crafting and song structure, Eldergaad has created a sound that is immediately recognizable and yet doesn’t sound exactly like anything you’ve ever heard before. The Twin Cities based band formed in early 2010 from a low-expectation jam by the four long-time friends and collaborators. “We just wanted to get together and have a good time, drink a beer or two and rock out. We were all surprised by how well it went and how quickly Eldergaad came together,” says drummer Thaas. Quickly indeed; within 15 months they had written, recorded, and self-released their debut 8-song CD Children of Gaad, which has generated reviews like these:
“If you’re looking for inventive, prog-minded death metal that’s both technically sophisticated and crushing, Eldergaad is well worth your time.”
Islander – No Clean Singing

“This [Children of Gaad] is a really cool effort...a promising beginning with a pinch of originality.”
Ivan Muhov – The Thrash Metal Guide

“…like the corners of an old mansion haunted by a lot of departed spirits who manifest themselves at night.” Translated from a French review

While other current metal bands focus on increasing their “brutality”, the members of Eldergaad are only concerned with one thing: Writing good songs. “We only impose one limit on what we write,” says lead guitarist Shaa, “It has to be metal.” Who determines what is “metal” for the band? That role falls to Thaas, whose ear can detect true-north-metal flawlessly. “If we start getting too progressive,” says vocalist and guitarist Raa, “Thaas lets us know and pulls us back like a magnet.” The songs on Children of Gaad have riffs and arrangements inspired by Tesla’s “Modern Day Cowboy” (“Aristocracy of Lies”), Led Zeppelin’s “Black Dog” (“Cult of the Void”) and Billy Joel’s “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant” (“Eternity at a Glance”). “Our influences are far too varied to list. We just make sure that whatever goes in, it comes out sounding like Eldergaad,” says Shaa.
Besides the focus on writing great songs, the band has also put thought into their stage show which features the band wearing makeup designed by Thaas and custom made robes. Smoke machines, banners, and their one-of-a-kind black light finale make for an intense image to accompany their intense sound. “We wanted to bring back some theatricality to metal,” says bassist Vaas, “The four of us grew up with the stage shows of ‘80s metal bands like Iron Maiden and Dio. Every band has an image, even if that image is jeans and t-shirts. We want Eldergaad’s visuals to be as entertaining as our music.”
When asked about their attempts to remain anonymous behind their pseudonyms and costumes, Raa responds “We decided early on that this band is going to be about what the four of us can do together. It’s not a vehicle to showcase any one of our talents at the expense of the whole or to build a résumé for the next project. Besides, it’s fun to get off stage, take off the costume and blend back into the crowd to eavesdrop on people’s reaction to us!”
Eldergaad is currently finishing their follow up to Children of Gaad, an as yet untitled four song EP to be released before the end of 2012. “When we started to write the songs for this EP, we made sure we pushed into areas we hadn’t treaded,” says Shaa. “If you like the first album, you’re going to be pleased with what’s coming next.”

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Raa - Guitar/Vocals, Shaa - Guitar, Thaas - Drums, Vaas - Bass
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Metal / Thrash Metal / Death Metal

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