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Barb Wire Dolls is a female-fronted street rock band based in Los Angeles, California. The band consists of Isis Queen (vocals), Pyn Doll (guitar), JayJay Doll (bass) and Krash Doll (drums). With all four band members originally from Greece, Barb Wire Dolls formed at The Ikarus, a remote artist commune on the island of Crete. With Greece in political turmoil and bankruptcy, fate and destiny intervened when Rodney Bingenheimer of L.A.'s KROQ (the first DJ in the U.S. to play Ramones, Blondie, Guns N' Roses, Nirvana) discovered the band and started playing the bands’ EP non stop. Bingenheimer invited the Greek band to perform in Hollywood and within a few weeks Barb Wire Dolls sold everything they owned and moved to Venice Beach in Los Angeles. Surfing/skateboarding icon of Greece, Pyn Doll, put his professional surfing career on hold and something magical happened: “Grecian imports Barb Wire Dolls have taken the Sunset Strip by storm” writes the Roxy Theatre as their U.S. debut show at the famed venue sold out. "Barb Wire Dolls are the most important punk invasion to the U.S. since the Sex Pistols" writes PMP as the band ignited and spearheaded a new music scene on the once-wild streets of LA. "There is a buzz on the streets of LA, it’s loud, it’s nasty and it’s hitting the region like a tornado. Their music, live show is so refreshing and full of an energy the Punk scene needs desperately" (Big Wheel). After selling out and packing monthly residencies in the LA area from the Viper Room, On The Rox, to the Doll Hut, Barb Wire Dolls headed out to conquer the rest of America.

“Every few years or so a band comes along that changes the music landscape. They are different from the other bands that are out there. They bring something new and exciting to an otherwise generic music scene that the public has grown tired of. The Beatles did this, The Sex Pistols did this, Guns N’ Roses did this, Nirvana did this. But for the past 20 years no band has been able to stand out from their predecessors. No band has been able to re-ignite the music scene, to bring back the energy it once had….that is until now. With their sound, their look and their attitude, Barb Wire Dolls are going to do what no band has been able to do within the last two decades…take the music industry by storm.” – Sugarbuzz magazine

Barb Wire Dolls are igniting the global music scene with over 600 shows across 18 countries bringing back the true raw spirit of rock and roll. After seeing their performance on the Bowery in New York City, Joey Ramone’s brother/Ramones tour manager Mickey Leigh exclaimed, "Barb Wire Dolls are the most explosive and exciting new punk band I've seen in decades!" The word on the street is growing fast about Barb Wire Dolls as members of the Sex Pistols, Motorhead, Black Flag, Guns 'N' Roses, L7, Dead Kennedys, Aerosmith, Sonic Youth, Kreator, (and countless others) have come to their live performances. "Leading the pack for today's generations of punk bands, Barb Wire Dolls have attracted a legion of fans and famous followers, including Black Flag and the Sex Pistols, thanks to its high energy rock and roll that combines first-wave punk, grunge and metal. Fronted by bombshell vocalist Isis Queen, the band recently released its debut album 'Slit', masterminded by legendary producer Steve Albini." (Goldstar)

Two days — that’s all it took for Barb Wire Dolls to record their debut 'Slit', and to satisfy the gritty punk rock taste they craved, the band turned to Nirvana noise guru Steve Albini to record direct to 16-track 2" analog tape at his Electrical Audio studio in Chicago. Barb Wire Dolls resuscitated the exhilaration and abandon of 1970's punk with some grunge stylings on 'Slit', ignoring anything the genre had to offer post-1989. In early 2013 the band received wide critical acclaim and embraced a hail of hype as critics across the globe took their first liberating listen. "Slit is the best punk rock record since Nirvana's "Bleach" (Music + Riots), "Literally paralyzed by the absurd power...'Slit' will stand the test of time. 9 out of 10 Stars" (Ox Fanzine), and "A pure massive H-bomb, a nuclear sound wave, probably the best punk album of the last two decades" (Heavy Hard MetalMania). Music Entertainment magazine with their cover story and live review on the band writes "Barb Wire Dolls are the new face of Punk. The Dolls deliver real authentic punk rock with 70's CBGB style swagger with an oversexed frontwoman who makes Debbie Harry in her 70’s prime look downright homely, while singing like Patti Smith channeling Johnny Rotten. Punk’s not dead...not as long as Barb Wire Dolls have breath".

See more at www.barbwiredolls.com

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Isis Queen (vocals), Pyn Doll (guitar), Krash Doll (drums), JayJay Doll (bass)
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Venice, CA
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