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I am what you call a freak, take that any way you want and you’ll only be at the peak. I love to make people laugh, not because I feel I have to but simply because I can. I would rather be surrounded by laughter than drama any day. I love to be happy so I do what I can to make it so, otherwise I’d be one sad Mexican. I’m generally a right brained person but have been known to use my left side on occasion. I love art in all its glorious mediums. My favorites would have to be music, doodling and writing, just to name a few. I try not to judge people by their cover. I have been surprised many of time. I been told I’m a flirt but in a charming way, what ever that means… I love women more than lesbians do, they are interesting creatures some of them are exotic and others just cool to be around. Then you have the needy/drama ones, not for me yo… I hustle for a living. I’m what some people call a promoter; however I feel that it’s only a small portion of what I actually do. I am a graphic artist, event coordinator, certified armed guard, bouncer, and etcetera. Jack of all trades I guess. I worked at Kinko’s for 8 years @ 10.53 per hour and was laid off after FedEx bought the company. Now it’s all minimum wage workers. Oh well, things happen for a reason. I’ve been in the music scene for over 8 years now. I started out with SKA, it was pretty much the only all ages music scene at the time. Don’t get me wrong though, I love me some Ska. In fact I love all types of music, as long as its good music. I met this guy, Eric at Kinko’s. He was in a band called “Checkmate”. He was making fliers for shows he put together at Hoover High. We became friends and I helped him promote shows. I made stickers and created logos for the label he was going to start. I was really excited about having a place to hang out and hear good music. The icing on the cake was that I felt like I was apart of something great. Things were cool for a while. One day I was at work and got the bad news, Eric past away. As I spoke at his funeral, I remember feeling like the one chance Fresno had for an all ages scene died with him. About a year went by when I started attending show at the de marquee club south of Fresno where Golden state and Chestnut meet, good times. The bands were awesome but the shows were a bit chaotic. I was soon a regular and started helping out with shows. I made fliers and stared getting more and more involved with this new rock scene. I complained about the way shows were unorganized and how they ran late until 3 am. I was pretty much told to shut up and try to put my own show together. My first show was on Sat. Oct. 14th 2000. It was an all ages show and the venue was the Moose Lodge Hall on chestnut in Fresno. The bands on the bill were Fresno locals “STICKIE”, “DIRTNAP”,”MYNIS”, “TENFOLD” from Sacto and “IMPLANT” out of S.L.O. Even then I believed that in order to have a well rounded music scene in Fresno you had to bring music from other scenes. That day was also the birth of my first company “Pachanga Productions”. I titled the first show “APOCALYPSE mission hardcore” I had over 500 people show up that night. After a few years, Hundreds of shows, several partners and a divorce I sold it to my last partner Jim Jones and walked away. Not long after that I ran into James (Big Game) Estrada and started to work for his company “Big Game Entertainment”. Even at my lowest I could not be idle. I managed his all ages club “Big Game Studio”. I also booked, Handled promotions, developed the infrastructure of the business and worked security from time to time. As of right now we are with out a venue due to unforeseen circumstances, however we are still in the process of finding a new home. Viva! Big Game Entertainment!!! ..

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