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From sitting listening to his old school uncles in elementary to free styling during music class, rap has
always been a uplifting distraction from a harsh reality. This was just the escape Patrick Anthony
McKinney-Rankin, better known by his stage name Young P. Money, used growing up. The 20-year-old
Jackson, MS native (born June 22, 1991) quickly became a product of his environment. He began
rapping at the age of 9 in Dayton, Ohio, where he spent his childhood from the age of 2 to 12. With no
immediate direction, Young P. Money turned to a life of hustling. It was this lifestyle that would teach
him a valuable lesson and motivate him to choose a new path – a path leading towards the hip hop
Moving back to his roots of Jackson, MS at the age of 12, he continued with his passion for music.
February 2012 brought the release of the song “Guttah Girl” which was in rotation on local radio station
97.7WRBJ. He was accepted to perform at the ATL Mixer Coast to Coast Mixtapes and his 1st
performance was at Dreamz in Jackson, earning him the notoriety to begin playing other local shows.
Young P. Money says, “Music is based off of my life, real life situations from childhood and up to the
present. My music is reality not wrote out and characterized. It’s me and how I feel and live and how
my people are living and what they go through and have done.”
He gathered skills as an artist, taking his influences, like Lil Flip, 2 Pac, Biggie, Outkast, and Devin the
Dude, using them to shape his own unique style. As his confidence grew and his style developed, he
began to showcase his talent in various local venues, making sure that his name and music were being
heard by as many people as possible. With wisdom beyond his years, Young P. Money emerges in full
command of his craft and his identity. He states, “My image is myself being me and not trying to be
someone I’m not. Be yourself.”
Young P. Money is constantly in the studio, free styling and penning song after song. His debut mixtape
“B!#&H, I’m On Probation” portraying the changes he has
gone through over recent years is due out in the early fall of
2012. From the opening song to the last, the mixtape is
expected to be a success. “My success will be when my
music inspires and motivates. I want to record and release
my own music because a lot of labels try to control what
type of songs and I feel a true artist is undefined and unique
in their own way.”
Young P. Money motivates himself with an acronym that he
formed: M.U.S.I.C. = Motivation Universal Soul Inspiring Constantly.
He’s definitely a fresh, bold, and intoxicating artist and one to keep your eyes on.

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