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Penitentary / Bio

From the depths of raw underground hostility comes a collosal force of metal called Penitentary.Their Debut album “Rip the System” was just an introduction to destruction for fellow fans of the New England metal scene, In 2011 Penitentary spliced together a monster masterpiece titled "Serotonin Syndrome" released independently through Skumbagh Productions. It is truly an introduction of mass hysteria that Penitentary will unleash to the public for years to come. The music speaks for itself with thrash metal riffs, speed picking antics, mind blowing transitions, Monster Machinegun drums, and bone crushing low end. The voice of reason is sometimes referred to as a controlled substance with blistering side effects such as High blood pressure, shortness of breath, Heart palpitations and Deafening ears Oh yeah and don't forget energetic Violent behavior, Manic episodes, increased libido and whiplash. Melodic screaming mixed with thunderous growls and epic narration began the construction of a metal dominion undiscovered.
As a band we decided we wanted to do something a little unique compared to the fellow competition we stand beside show after show. Our intention is to make a great song and a record that makes you want to say, I want to hear that again and again. This music has to be a breakfast with an orgasmic cup of Columbia's finest metal bean in the world. We want to start a revolution of influential metal that the community deserves to wrap their ears around. I feel as if, I don't do it someone is going to fuck it up andn start a trend that sets back what all metal musicians have worked hard foor. If I could be the president of the united states of metal I would do it, but lets be realistic. There are many bands out there that just don't cut because they are lacking creativity or have a lack of hunger for this type of genre after playing it the past 15 years. I look at it this way, if you can't pave the way for metal stardom anymore, step aside oldie hawn and collect your pension. Its time for fresh, ripe and new blood to smash the surface and drown the serpent with songs that make this world a metal heaven for years to come!
I like to break my songs up in little pieces of a puzzle and put them back together the way its meant to be and there are no rules and regulations that can stop us from doing this. we are the entrepreneurs, inventors, investors and most of all we are the fans of our own music and make the music the way we would want to hear it. Top notch quality brutality with a big foot bashing intro to a spicy chorus with raunchy riff cheese, a verse of delicious straight forward pile drivers and a sweet Alabama liquid solo that will knock your socks off.
I want people to see people at the shows with nothing but metal on their mind but at the same time be able to decipher Penitentary with memories that could last a lifetime. Every note we hit and every bend wheter it be a hammer on if they have a bloody nose, bumps or broken bones, we know the word will spread and our task for this album has succeeded. we have done our job. All of our songs have lots of riffs and parts but remain catchy with hooks. You may hear some 3/4 measures in the mix blending fist to face with machine gun drums easily winning the race. “I easily become disinterested in metal when I can predict what’s going to happen next” I want the listener to feel the way I do day in and day out with a little taste of suffering and perhaps relating to my personal problems such as being a "Slave to Society. Could you imagine listening to a song and putting yourself in someone else's shoes reliving the nightmare. The future of horror is here. Us musicians need to make it happen or were just going to screaming jibberish into the microphone. of a human with post traumatic stress disorder..If you cannot paint a picture in your mind of what the song is trying to explain Penitentary is meant to be music “we” ourselves would listen to day in day out.
Penitentary has many influences that helped initiate its core. Legendary bands such as Pantera, The Haunted, Fear Factory, Testament, Strapping Young Lad Death, Slayer, Soulfly and Sepultura are considered D.N.A of ours and would be found in a simple blood test. More recent bands such as Dark Tranquility, Crowbar, Primus, Typo-Negative, Daath, Amon Amarth, One Man Army and the Undead Quartet, The Crown, Tenet, Lamb of God, Kataklysm, Grip inc, In flames, Beyond the Embrace, The Duskfall, Byzantine, Bloodbath etc.

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Band Members
Guitar/Vocals-Bill Klopfer Drums- Randy Bailey
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Metal / Thrash Metal / Hardcore

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Naugatuck, CT
Bill Klopfer

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