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Fred Speakman / Bio

Since 1989, Seattle musician Fred Speakman has played guitar, piano and has sung in various punk, metal, and just plain rock bands that you've either heard of, or most likely haven't. Some of the mentionables: Last Gasp, Officer Down, My Name, The Droo Church, Horrible, Zero Down, The Beltholes, and currently plays keyboards and guitar along-side his friends in The Riffbrokers and South Sound Bureau Chiefs. Even though this could be enough for the average Joe to handle, Fred Speakman feels that he needs to express himself without anyone else's input, and make more music for people to enjoy. If you're looking for one single genre to hang onto, prepare to be semi-disappointed. However, if you are looking for a strange twist outside the norm with a sense of dark humor and melodic prowess, then look no further.

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