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Sestina / Bio

This is not a Sestina biography.

However, this is something we wish to say to each and every band and
artist out there:

Do whatever it takes to bring your music to as many people as possible.

It doesn't matter how, just do it. Hand your albums out for free.
Throw them out of windows. Bribe a mailman. Get carrier pigeons if you
need to. Become a social networking addict. Play your songs at parties
and drive your friends crazy. Tour unreal amounts of gigs at ungodly
hours in any run-down joints that will have you. Sell yourself in a
shitty deal with label executives who, if you were caught on fire,
wouldn't cross the street to piss on you to put out the flames. Do
absolutely whatever it takes.

Every band owes this to themselves - that is, every band that plays
from their hearts. The rest owe it to themselves to just quickly and
quietly scuttle off to die. Believe me, this will be better for
everyone in the long run.

There is no value in passionless effort. Genuine passion, however, is
a gift. It is also extremely contagious. We became infected a long
time ago, and haven't looked back since.

There are a lot of strange little bands out there few have ever heard
of. Many of them are still going, and many have ceased to exist.
However, nothing worthwhile ever truly remains undiscovered. Even an
innocent little demo or a small club show for a handful of people can
- and will - change lives. Ours were.

What we do is extremely valuable to us. We're very proud of every song
we've written, and we wish to have them keep growing and giving birth
to more. But most of all, dear reader, we wish for this music to reach
you. Like any honest band, we wish to share our passion of doing what
we do, to let you hear what we've heard and feel what we've felt.

Anything less would be a waste of time.

So carry the torch and start a fire, dear friends.


Jaakko, Markus, Pekka and Anu of Sestina

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Jaakko - (bass / voice) Markus - (voice / guitar) Pekka - (drums) Anu - (Keyboards)
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Helsinki, FI