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Rebecca Perl is a singer/songwriter from the exotic tropical paradise we call Long Island, New York. Her music falls within the acoustic/light rock genre, with a blues twang. Rebecca brings a brand new feel and an original vibe to the female acoustic music scene.

Rebecca grew up in a very musical environment where music
had become such a deep rooted part of who she was and is today. Rebecca began playing the guitar, singing and songwriting at age 13. She put her first band together in 2010, where her simple acoustic songs transformed into rock music. Shortly after, Rebecca Rebecca began exploring new ways to evolve her acoustic songs with the integration of sax and bass guitar.. It turned out that the blues ambience was exactly what she was looking for. It finally began to make sense. As a trio, she has conquered performing all over the New York City and Long Island area and bringing the music complexity from the past into the popular music of today. She has played in venues such as Irving Plaza, Highline Ballroom, Hiro Ballroom, The Bitter End, Ollie’s Point, Le Poisson Rouge, Dominion, Wicked Willy’s, Arlene’s Grocery, and many many more. She was recently honored to sing the national anthem for her hometown team, the NY Islanders.

Is it my turn to speak now?
Hey, I’m Rebecca. I write songs because music has given me this incredible way to connect with other people and I do it in
the best way I know how - in front of a microphone, guitar in hand. It has the unique power to help us see more clearly and awaken old memories. It’s the only thing in the world that keeps me in touch with myself and in touch with you. I give you a part of my soul each and every time I write a song and the moment that you connect with me and understand me on the level of music, then that’s the most incredible thing.

The first song I ever learned to play on guitar was “Crash
Into Me” by Dave Matthews Band. A friend and I dug up an old guitar from the basement. Wiped off the cobwebs and the dust before we started playing. I think together we both used 10 fingers to press down the first chord. I knew I wouldn’t stop until I got good enough to play the full song. The complexity of his music and the lyrics and meanings behind his words was intriguing to me. I began to feel things I had never felt before. I began to observe my emotions and the people around me. I’ve been influenced by so many musicians including John Mayer (first and foremost), Dave Matthews Band, Coldplay, Mumford and Sons, Adele, Alanis Morisette, Colbie Callait, Bon Iver, Regina Spektor, The Fray, the list can go on and on. I’ve learned what it means to be a faithful fan through my love for artists like these ones. Now, I’m learning that I may be becoming an influence to others. A random fan once said “Rebecca Perl is one of the rare musicians that can touch your heart in an instant! Her feeling for rhythm and groove is simply amazing and If you guys saw her with her band she is an amazing team player with arrangements that leave
you in awe! She will reach places no one else will reach! And most of all she will have all our hearts because her music is awesome and truthful! From heart to hearts! I will always be a faithful fan”

All I’m waiting for now is my interview with Rolling Stones Magazine...

I have just released my new EP in February 2012. It is now
up on iTunes and ready for your ears! Click here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/rebecca-perl-ep/id503567149 Keep updated at www.rebeccaperlmusic.com, on Facebook and on Twitter: @becperl. Thank you so much for all the support!

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