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Corinna / Bio

Corinna is an American singer songwriter, born in Long Beach California and raised in Dayton OH. She grew up listening to a wide variety of music due to her parents eclectic tastes, however Corinna always has had an affection for Jazz, RnB, and Soul. As many singers before her she started singing in the church, and from a very young age was performing in-front of large crowds. A little song bird from childhood, Corinna was involved in anything musical she could get her hands on. She was highly active in school and community musicals, choirs, and solo competitions. Her mother realizing her talent early, began having her study classically. Throughout middle school into high school Corinna was trained as a classical vocalist. It wasn't until the summer before her junior year in high school while involved in a jazz vocal ensemble at a music camp in North Carolina, that the direction of her voice changed. "Id never sang Jazz before, but as soon as I held a microphone in my hand and experienced the soul this music evokes, I fell in love.. I got bit pretty hard." Corinna began to immerse herself, listening to what are now some of her biggest influences; Ella Fitzgerald, Carmen McRae, Dinah Washington, Sarah Vaughan, Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker, and Miles Davis...This new interest took over, moving her life to Chicago to study vocal Jazz at the Chicago College of Performing arts. "The move to the city was the best thing I could have ever done. Chicago has a rhythm of its own, and the musical culture of the city is as vibrant as a rainbow." "Hip Hop kids, Candy kids, Indie hipsters, Blues brothas, Folk hippies to Reggae rasta's. Music School was great, but the most valuable lessons came from the people making the music that made the city sing." Corinna spent 6 yrs in Chicago. During those years she developed her writing and vocal style. She sang with several different bands. The two most prominent being her original groups Unearthed, and The Lix. Corinna gained lots of professional experience and incite into the music industry during her years in Chicago. "It was the perfect training ground" she states, but as with everything seasons change and the time came for Corinna to move on. "I simply outgrew the city, or maybe it outgrew me. The constant hustle became overwhelming." So at the drop of a hat she left, and never looked back. "I just decided one day to leave. I was going through a hard time financially, musically, and emotionally due to the abrupt end of a long relationship. All the stars seemed to align, so I followed my heart and said goodbye to the windy city Chi." She had been living at The Benton House. A home that offered free room and board in return for help with the organizations youth program. "It was hard to say goodbye to the kids and friends I had made at The Benton House and otherwise, but sometimes you just gotta get away." Corinna Literally shoved all the possessions she could into her 97 Chevy Lumina, and drove home to Dayton Ohio. This marked a new Chapter in the singers life.

"It was quite an adjustment for me, and I was battling a broken heart. I had to start over, make new friends, meet new musicians. It took me at least two months before I was out singing again." During those two months of vocal rest Corinna focused on her writing, and trying to meet a guitar player that she could collaborate with. "I put ads up on craigslist, and met with many many players, but after being in Chicago I was used to a certain caliber of musician. Not to sound snobby but I knew what i was looking for, and for awhile i honestly didn't know if I was ever gonna find another musical partner." The singer did, however find a musical partner. He came to her after answering of all things, an ad on craigslist. "John Simone came to me like an angel from the sky. I honestly can say that he saved my life! haha." Corinna and John hit it off immediately. John had his degree in Jazz guitar, and was familiar with all the old standards that Corinna knew. They decided after their first meeting that they were going to do big things. "John Simone is music to my ears. He is such an immense talent. I feel truly blessed to be able to sing next to him." From that point the duo began to book gigs, mainly playing at wineries the most prominent of which was JnJ's winery in Richmond Indiana. After sending JnJ's a basic demo the winery booked the duo for the entire summer. It was after a set at jnj's in mid June of 2011 when a couple of people, who enjoyed the vocalist's show approached her asking if she had representation. The answer was no. Corinna to this point had always worked independently, but agreed to let them take a demo to a man they knew who provided artist management. The next day Corinna received a phone call from a Mr. Shawn Hill. Shawn had listened to Corinna's demo and wanted to sign her to his management company Sweet Hill Entertainment. Corinna deciding she didn't have much to lose agreed to see where this road would take her. Shawn immediately put her in touch with a producer out of Atlanta named Chad Wells, who works for Warner Brothers. Corinna is currently working with Chad, to put out her first solo album. "It is a process, and one that is quite new to me. Ive never worked with a producer before, but I feel like I'm in good hands." corinna is also working with John to put together a full band, and the vocalist is very excited by the direction of her team. "You can look forward to big things from me this year I can feel it!" states the singer. Corinna along with her management, does have big things planned including the release of her single "Slow Down" and upcoming EP entitled "Oooh La La"

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Corinna, John Simone
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Dayton, OH

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