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Juke Joint / Bio

Two emcees. Two upbringings. Two styles. One sound. Juke Joint.
Juke Joint is a hip-hop duo consisting of Maxx & Bonafied, natives of Little Rock, AR. With I-630 dividing the budding emcees, historic Central High School united the duo just as it did in integrating in 1957. Despite being raised in the same southern town, the interstate divide provided for two distinct styles of lyrical delivery to develop. The bass-laden and syrupy delivery of Bonafied combined with the clever and charismatic style of Maxx creates an infectious fusion on the track and on the stage.

Why Juke Joint?:
We quote Merriam-Webster on this one. A juke joint is “a small inexpensive establishment for eating, drinking, or dancing to the music of a jukebox or a live band.”
So why Juke Joint? Because the world has been spinning too damn fast for its own good. Money makes the world go around and people lose sight of the simple pleasures in life that keep us going. Whatever your escape is from daily stresses, ours is the Juke Joint. A place designed for a simplistic good time where musicians play for the love, patrons take a load off and good vibes fill the air. It’s hard to find, but by God we’re gonna push ‘til we do.

The Juke Joint Plan:
•Release a three part project titled “Men in Black”
•Each release will contain six songs ("six-shooters")
•Receive worldwide adoration

General Info

Band Members
Maxx & Bonafied
Artist Name
Juke Joint
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Hip Hop / Rap / Soul

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Little Rock, AR
Max Farrell