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Remix / Bio

Music is life, it has been a trail and a blessing to get as far as I have in life. Without music I do not think I would still be alive today, it has helped me understand myself better and learn from others more in depth. I have learned many important lessons in life throughout my days learning music, I have caused alot of self inflicted pain because of disbelief and self pity, a story that is meant for a different outlet. I understand what the music has meant to me and done for me, I accept the outcome of my choices and continue to make music so that I can express my story, my pain, my love, my joy and my beliefs. This is meant to be how it is excatly and the future choices I have to make will define whether or not what I have done this far will amount to what I wanted. By 2015 I will be in my masters program for business and technology, with studies in marketing and finances, I want to learn all aspects of business as I also take my education ventures toward philosophy, pyschology and sociology. I plan to go see the world and I refuse to stay in one place anymore, my life is not meant to expectations of what normal people expect, it took alot of hard ache and pain to realize that and now I am finally happy with my direction in life, not neccessarily my position and feelings but my direction. I know where I am meant to go and what I must do, I love people with everything I have, but I do not belong around them, I can entertain, education and help those around me at anytime but I must find a bigger purpose to this picture and follow what I have believed in my entire life up until a few years ago, I can't allow things to make me think my life will be different I must accept this path and walk it and just go. No more talking about the situation but implementing the plan and going forth, and so I will. I have been Remix for quiet sometime, I don't think that will change but I will always be who I am inside, a name is nothing if the man does not stand firm where he stands. I will continue to work on my music and expand looking for features from other artists willing to work on collaborations and I hopeful to continue to find those willing to expand and express their individual stories, I hope you all make history out their.

Def Efx?
Def Efx Music has been a collaboration of Family Friends that came together and began to express the stories experienced.
We have been making music together since 2001 and have shown no signs of stopping anytime soon. As an individual artists, I myself Remix has created and enjoyed making music since 1997. I have experience playing Violin, Acoustic Guitar, Piano and the Flute. I have been involved in music since and early age in childhood using the sounds and vibes from 80's rock and rap songs to clear my mind and enjoy. I enjoy all music and respect all artists for their expression in what they do and I would like to work with a larger amount of individuals out their who are also making music, if you make music and enjoy to express your stories and want to work with someone who will get the work done then please be in contact.

Why this name? Remix was the name given to me when was orignally a techno/trance DJ as I would remix songs, I would remix my drink while performing and remix anything I would do in my day, so conditionally the name grew into what it is today my standard of living, Remix the world.Do you play live?I have done many shows in my past but for the recent years I was trying to build something else in life, this being unsuccessful I still have a focus on my music and have future shows always coming but I am more involved in just recording because I have a lot to say and I am working on film production and sound engineering now more these days to expand my knowledge on the music industry and building a production and acting career.How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?mp3 made music more easy to get, it change music because it is more able to be placed anywhere that has a digital outlet, i.e. computers, laptops, tablets, mp3 players and even video game consoles. This has given more independent artist better ability to present music to their audience but has made music more easy to copy and transfer making sales more difficult if it is so easy to find and copy.Would you sign a record contract with a major label?I would like to sign a small contract with a major label to learn and present an album but if I wasn't able to learn any skills or trades from the label then I would inclined to not sign. I don't just want to make music I want to build ability and a career and expand my knowledge in production and other skills I have.Your influences?All music has influenced me, as far back as I can remember I am a listener and I have enjoyed it all that I have moved my head to which is the majority of music, If I don't prefer a song I just don't listen to it on my own but I will hear it and not mind regardless. Favorite spot? Los Angeles is my city and I love it and when I get able to be where I want to be in life I will be their again living a better life and trying to help others become who their are meant to be if they show strong ethics and working standards. Equipment used: I use the Roland keyboard, M-Audio key-station 42e, also use acoustic instruments, digital recording programs including Sonar X1, Pro Tools SE & 10, Audacity, Adobe Audition CS6, Fruity Loops 11, Abelton and Reasons.Anything else...? Lets make history remember these days

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Remix ThaDon
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Hip Hop / Progressive-Rap / Dramatic-Surge

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Los Angeles, CA

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