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Clearly, Williams has found her calling. Having been immersed in music since the wizened old age of 4 – when she learned to play the piano (she was 6 when she began singing) – Williams tried going the traditional route by enrolling in college and contemplating a career in social services. On that fateful day, however, as she sat, staring out the window and letting the words of her professor wash over her in ignorant bliss, she realized that she was paying to learn about something that she just simply didn’t find interesting. Music. Singing. Creating. Now, those she found interesting. Logic won out and she dropped those psych classes after that semester.
Working on her own material, she drew inspiration from some of her favorite artists, “I think I find the positive pieces of each artist I look up to and aspire to the vision and clarity in which they work; but I also examine the negative aspects of the industry in their life and put myself in their shoes... how, if possible, can I do it differently.”
Now, a run-down of the facts: In 2005, Williams released her first EP, The Basement Sessions EP. One of the singles “Anything,” was also released on two compilation CDs: Paris to Brooklyn and France’s Soul R&B Magazine (alongside Kanye West and R. Kelly).Then, in 2009, Williams served as the voice of Suave Professionals Shampoo for their “C’mon Ya’ll” jingle. Interspersed throughout all of this came gigs with Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, Kaissa, Somi, Noel Gourdin, Big Brooklyn Red, Dana Fuchs, Honey LaRochelle Maya Azucena and Brother Joscephus and The Love Revolution Orchestra; recording back ground vocals for Melinda Doolittle, Diane Birch and Joss Stone. While putting the finishing touches on her sophomore project Out of the Basement, Williams is currently performing with two bands: That’sMyCole (soul/reggae/alternative) and People’s Champs (an afro beat/rock/soul hybrid).

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