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Jimmy Vegas / Bio

Heyooo!! Jimmy Vegas in the house whattup world whats really good with it tho. Trees and groceries 1st and foremost, nothing but close fam and souljas fit in this circle. Boston till I lay 6 ft, reppin worldwide and stomping thru ya hood to all across the map, get them passport stamps up children!! OE is the squad, the RZA of my clan scheming on Presidential movements while you reading this. Eat to live, dont live to eat. Real offishall rap, I mean every line of the verse is more blaze then the last one was rap, is hard to come by if I may be so blunt. It's actually downright embarrasing to me having been around since damn near the beginning to witness something so pulsatingly real and humanly rugged reduced to autotuning and flasifying statements for a rep. Go digital, but dont lose your creative self in the process. To even be at the point nowadayz where you read a blurb about me like we on a dating site is a lil wild still for me to grasp. Sell myself in 5000 characters or less huh. Well shiiit my people here I am, let the tunage speak for itself I gotta say. Uncensored unconditional unabashed undoing all the damage done by fuckboys over the past 11-12 years to this sweet, sweet lady of mine I call hip hop. Yall been doing her wrong man, I'm like the new boyfriend who gotta show out to prove a point. So it is GO TIME buddy boy!! Come correct or get yo ass in another line of work straight up. Its not about fortune, or fame, or lots of women or stature or any superficial scenario your mind can concoct. Its about serious, smack ya face lyrics over rugged, tantalizing beats that make you knock and serve you a message to ride with. To quote the big homey Guru (RIP) "there's always a message involved." Its for the love of the art and captivating people with your wordplay, helping another cat achieve mental stimulation off words and lyrical images you created. Its about standing in a circle and spitting whatever comes to mind and going back and forth. Its about the mood you feel when you hear that hott 16 so and so laid to perfectly describe your thoughts and actions. Its about the muf***in music!!! Good music gets props and celebrated, bad music gets booed and shamed into hiding. Thats how it was, & that's it will be ASAFP when the Operation Enterprise gets its meathooks into the situation and gives the masses a thorough judo kick right in they collective sweet spot. Without further ado, presenting the good, the great and the completely insane, Jimmy Vegas AKA Keyser Mora AKA Barcelona Slim AKA Shut yo bitch ass up AKA step into the new millenium of lyricism!!! 199now to 2000whatever, shiit same as it ever was and oh so much better!!! Wsup.. tune it in, turn it up and zone it out - thats it

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Band Members
Jimmy Vegas/The OE Squad/He upstairs
Artist Name
Jimmy Vegas
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Active Since
Hip Hop / Rap / Righteous Thought

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Miami, FL
Free Agent - still undecided

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