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Orange County, CA, is home to Greenleafstar, purveyor of self-described “acidized-electronica-funk-rock”. Greenleafstar's hypnotic take on electronic music is enough even to entrance angels and demons as they frolic in the nethersphere.

There's no doubt. Music is metaphysical. And the brand of music created by Greenleafstar is particularly so. It's far too easy to become enraptured in the alluring appeal of this artist's compositions; one is effortlessly swept away to another realm by way of the music's highway to other dimensions. Music is all about conjuring feelings of peace, happiness and enlightenment, says Greenleafstar, and Greenleafstar is doing its part to spread the peacefulness.

But one must put one's personal power into the creation of this sort of articulate composition. For one's music to boast as commanding a presence as does that of Greenleafstar, pure resolve and talent must go into every drop of songwriting. “Music is the essence of dedication, determination and creation,” says Greenleafstar, whose music demonstrates exactly that fact.

Music Inspires Music~
Music inspires music? Yes, indeed. It may seem like a vicious cycle to non-songwriters but in fact, it's a sort of artistic circle of life. “My inspiration comes simply from a love of music.” In addition, one's circumstances can provide the fuel for a great new song. “It can also come from a life situation I experienced, read or heard about.”

And the work continues. “I'm always writing music,” says Greenleafstar, whose dedication means that the creative process is neverending. Recording is also a regular occurrence for this talented artist.

“Greenleafstar will put a spell on you. This is the real deal electronic voodoo power of the future.”

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