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Brief History: our universe did not exist. Two Branes from parallel dimensions rubbed against each other causing the impetus for Big Bang. Evolution. Wars. Empires rose & fell. White man raped, pillaged, conquered, et al. They came to this magnificent North American land & stuck their huge collective cock deep into the soil. "George" met "Indian." "George" literally fucked the land, reaching a figurative culmination in the act of "mining," instead of living in equilibrium with their ecosystem, at which the Native Americans were far better. Each of the four members of UFO CULT understand this great sadness & feel an ancient spiritual way has been lost. We sing funeral dirges for this "lost way" & manic fuck-yous to the spirit of this unrelenting thief, with hopes we can someday summon a portal back. The five of us were once merely sperm swimming inside our respective fathers. Our fathers met our mothers. Each of us won an incredible race, swimming deep down inside of our mothers, down into very dark regions, beating many worthy opponents, & were rewarded with the hell we currently inhabit. But, we are still here because we hold onto hope; we believe there is a better way & that a great healing must first occur. We believe that a mass acceptance of the authentic artistic impulse is the very tip of the of iceberg w/r/t this healing. We believe, perhaps, that it is even the catalyst. Hopefully our music embodies all of this. We try. If not, fuck it; we can still have fun!

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Band Members
Dustin Jones, Zachary Jones, Colin McCormick, Jesse Stoddard
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Pop / Experimental / Rubbish

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Ypsilanti, MI