One Dae is a unique rapper out of Brooklyn, NY, USA. While rapping and being from Brooklyn may not necessarily be extraordinary, Dae’s style and market appeal definitely are. One Dae is able to satisfy both the commercial masses, and the more scrutinizing orthodox hip hop crowd with an original, ranging flow. His approach is sometimes reflective, sometimes aggressive, but always witty and unrelenting. This is what separates this artist from other ordinary rappers, flexibility. As this confessed Gemini states, his artist image is more of a collage, than a clean corporate logo. “I do it all man. That’s what makes me who I am. A lot of rappers are known for a signature flow, or recognizable cadence, but I’m a bit different. It’s not so much about imposing myself on a track. I like to blend with the material and just let it flow. What comes out is something new… I hope!”
Fresh off releasing a new EP, Time Lapse, and a Mixtape, The Hardest Working Man In Flow Business, on his newly formed DAELIGHT imprint, Dae is set to release his long overdue, feature full length, Daes & Times. The album will drop in the fourth quarter of 2012, and features guests performances from fellow Brooklynite Sean Price, Evidence, and C Rayz Walz. Production credits include Marco Polo, M-Phazes, Ayatollah and Domingo among others. Dae will also feature a video with famed director Steven Tapia (Tony Yayo, Reflection Eternal, Masta Ace & Edo G.) for his second single, “Bang This” (produced by Marco Polo).
One Dae makes the following comments in a recent interview, regarding the dying art of originality with regards to the music industry: “I remember when you actually had to have your own style. I mean you had to come with something original, that didn’t sound like the next guy. You also had to not completely fucking suck and my how times have changed. I hate hate and negativity…But let’s call a spade a spade. I would love to be impressed and inspired, but I’m not. Like at all. Most of these new rappers suck hard. End quote.
While not sacrificing artistry for sales, Dae feels he can accomplish what most musicians dream of, success on his own terms. Without having to cow tail to industry standards, this eclectic rapper is very aware what it takes to stay ahead of the game. “Look man, my pops always told me to be leader, not a follower. I really don’t care what so and so is doing. I’m here to change the game and put my mark on it. That’s my contribution to the art. I’m very aware of what I’m doing. My plan of attack is well choreographed, I’m not just shooting at the wind.”
The battle motif fits quite well as this Boston born, Brooklyn transplant received a write up in The Source magazine after his first appearance on stage. In that episode, Dae was challenged by Mos Def, at the classic NYC rap battle, “Braggin Writes”. Most rappers start with an open mic night and a few local ciphers, Dae jumped on the scene with an instant splash and write up in the then king of hip-hop media, titled “The Death of Battle Rap”. Since then, a myriad of independent releases and over seas tours have provided this profound rapper with experience and a very loyal following. He is well known within the NYC Hip-Hop community and his fan base stretches out to countries like Germany and Japan.
One Dae has done collaborations with several overseas counterparts including German producer Roey Marquis and Australian singer Dana Diaz-Tutaan (ApSci). Back home he has linked up with Brooklyn heavyweight Sean Price on two tracks, “War On Drugs”, and the forthcoming “Abu Ghahib” dropping from the Daes & Times LP. He also dropped a memorable verse on Bekay’s “Battlefield”, released on The Horror Flick LP as part of the Rawkus 50 campaign in 2008.
With all eyes on the future and a new label to help push his agenda, Dae is finally set to for a full on take-over of independent hip hop and beyond. With three projects in the 2nd half of 2012 on tap and work already begun on his second studio album, One Dae has the look of an artist determined to make a lasting impression on Hip-Hop Culture, and the music industry at large. Coalmine Records C.E.O, Matt Diamond makes the following statement regarding One Dae: “I’m excited about Dae! One Dae is a lot of things, but he is not just another rapper. We see eye to with regards to musical taste which is key, but moreover, I respect his work ethic and dedication. Dae has the rare ability to decide to do something and make it happen and that’s a quintessential formula for success that can’t be taught. I think that Daes & Times is going to surprise a lot of people and I look forward to its release and how it will launch Dae into the next phase of his career.”

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