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In 2005 the masked menacing face of the Pittsburg, California native Mario Delgado known as Mars hit mainsteam media outlets everywhere. It has been said that rap fan Jeff Weise was the suspect in the second biggest school shooting in American history. His favorite rap artist? Mars. Already making noise in the underground for his violent bloody lyrics and West Coast production Mars' popularity increased through the power of the internet and the news broadcast that shunned him when he released his project "Mars Attacks" and begain touring the US. Mars again gained the attention in US media after Richard Sam McCroskey named Mars as one of his favorite artists on his myspace profile before murdering his girlfriends family and friend. The story put both Mars and horrorcore music at the forefront of controversy world wide boosting album sales for his "School House Glock" album to the thousands. After appearing on hundreds of mixtapes, compilations, albums, and singles as well as being the basis of a charicter in a film for Mirimax the hype surrounding the young artist led to Psychopathic Records, the label behind Insane Clown Posse asking Mars to submit a single for sub-label Hatchet House Records. The artist collaborated with Mike Marshall for the song "They Watchin Me" which instantly became a juggalo favorite after the album landed on the Billboard Top 25 rap charts. Psychopathic Records quickly asked Mars to join their "Shock Therapy" and 2008 "Hallowicked" National tours. "Even though hes already a legend, I believe he has an incredible future ahead of him." says Violent J of ICP on Psychopathic Records WFUCKOFF Radio who also boasts Mars as one if its late night talk show hosts with his show Suicide Hotline. After gaining the attention of Hunid Racks energy drink and Metal Mouth Apparell as sponsors Mars hit the national circuit touring 6 months out of the year in major markets everywhere performing his hate fuled mysoginistic lyrics for eager cult like fans.

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Mars, Enermy Jean, DJ Mark 7
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Hip Hop / Horrorcore

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Pittsburg, CA