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Race Martin / Bio

"Finally 190+ songs uploaded to this Reverbnation account. ENJOY!!"
Race Martin came to life as a performer in April 05 1995, he was 15 years old. Best known for his involvement in a small time Cleveland band with a big time attitude, Race Martin is one of the crop of Clevelands infamous underground punk movement. Not well known for their accomplishments in the industry, Cleveland's punk and post punk scene presented the forfront of the stomping grounds for those whose passion and determination to raise the bar in the tough town, became legendary. Race Martin was simply one of the many soldiers of the underground movement, his genre, simply Horror! From rivalry battles with the Misfits battling on stages such as Harpos in Detroit to Clevelands, Peabody's Down Under, as well as many more stunning shows including the TMT, New York Mega MetalFest, and more, Race and company brought it each time. The Uncaged stayed true to their trusted small but loyal following that they made the toughest decision possible, they turned down their chance to sign on to the mainstream. Instead, they widdled themselves away and seperated indefinately. Uncaged only performed in the fall and Race needed more to get his fill and he felt that Cleveland had finally lost its battle with the pay to play promoters and he decided to move out before selling out. Off to Cape Coral Florida, he gave a shot to the game once again. His hopes,.. to bring his abilities and talent into the SW Florida region and spark it to life, just as the Cleveland Market once lit, electrified.
The Uncaged was a horror-punk band with full theatrics. Some shows also included a hurse that accompanied their 28 footer, Apocalypse 1, band rig. The rig was severly tested as the tranny blew out 20 minutes from Detroit. By the following gig, A-1 was back in business. The theatrics would help bring life to the musical material with waves of creeps, wolves, pigs, and even the grim reaper himself. It also helped to have a hydraulic frankenstien from time to time. Most gigs, the stage wasn't where the performance started or ended, it ran from arrival to departure, the music was simply just a small part of what Uncaged had to offer. As the group went their respective seperate ways, their fearless, crazy, ranting, songwriter/frontman needed a place to post all of his works.
Reverbnation was the only site that could accomidate his, 180+ songs that he had written over the years. Though 90% of them were never more than scratch tracks, to him, they... are him. So, his existance can be heard here, not radio quality, but just enough to get a gyst of his mind and personality. True to the punk passion, Reverbnation is simply the home to his battlecry.
So, with all that said, welcome to the Race Martin personal music profile. If he is in another project soon, a link will re-direct you to what he's up to nowadays. Hopefully this site doesn't eventually become his casket. Oh, and I am Race Martin, Damion Malus, Dr. Zykotian, Dr. Zyko, and Race of Martians.., Oh, and Uncaged!!!

written in third person for easy reading pleasure.
-horns up

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Band Members
Race Martin aka Geno Battaia and also in some recordings, Dominic Barbarino Nikola Uzarevic Erika Hartman & Christopher Garrison
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Race Martin
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Singer Songwriter / Rock / horror

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Cape Coral, FL

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