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Joe Nesbitt-Larking / Bio

I started playing in mid 2005 and since then have spent hours every day wearing my little phalanges down to the bone. I was a drummer (am I still a drummer?) from the age of 9 and found the act of beating an inanimate object senseless extremely cathartic. I think my parents also probably thought it was a good way of diverting my hyper-active tendencies away from the destruction of their well kept house. Who knows? Anyway so I was a drummer for a while; did a few gigs, wasn't that good etc etc etc. Then I heard the song Stairway To Heaven for the first time and I decided there and then that I was going to be a guitarist. In that instance I think it was probably because I knew that guitar players got more attention and are at the front of the stage but I suppose now I have grown out of breathtaking arrogance and am deeply in love with every facet of my chosen instrument. I mean that thing is good.
Thanks to my father I have a deep seated passion for the blues and thanks to my teenage rebellion I have more than a slight acquaintance with all sorts of metal, shred and fusion. Due to my maturing love of music I've also investigated lots of Jazz and it would be unjust not to mention my feelings towards the Bebop movement: I like it a lot. Well, to be honest, I know it's a cliche but I do like a huge amount of music.

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Joe Nesbitt-Larking, Phil Haines, Tom Payne, Chris Eldred, John Dines
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Joe Nesbitt-Larking
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Blues / Guitar / Chilled

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Hertford, HRT, UK