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BiNaRy GNoME is a globetrotting GNoME who enjoys pretending to fish in your garden ponds & other appropriately industrious GNoMiC activities. Binary Gnome & The Gnomes enjoy standing about 1ft. on a shovel, bimbling on mushrooms & getting sozzled on homemade beverages made from fruit tree windfalls (espeshially ye olde English russets /conference pears / figs / overipe peaches) and will also do anything for a freshly boiled beetroot...

The Gnomes only exist here and are not currently linked to any other sites like facesbook and other stuff because we don't like it (...We don't like wibbly wodgey widgits, pressy type 'like' buttons, or aps. either....) ~ But this is NOT because we don't like you... it is simply because we quite happy just to hang about out here in Gnomesville ( a.k.a. - Dullsville, Antarctica all on our own, and not get pestered with endless binary spam, like-o-matik promo-crud, and cash-trawl prom-o-matik nano-bots from other sites... Nor do we like to promote our stuff either - as we are quite happy to let people find our noisy ersatz muzak and atonal noisettes entirely by their own volition...

As not many people likes to come all thee waye out here to Gnomesville in Antarctica, this reverbnation page gives us an extra-super sense of well-boing and Eco-Gnomic security... This is because ~ [as we are sure you may understand] ~ The Gnomes are sometimes a lil' bit frightened of people; eg. Some people [particularly evil students and goths] like to kick us over, or steal us... and then take us away from all of our friends... out here... in the garden. These horrid types also sometimes even abuse us by leaving us at dull and boring places called bus stops, with cheesey signs hanging around our necks saying things like we are "Gnomads"... etcetera... and so on... and we certainly don't like that very much either - So please stop doing it....

Anyway, all that aside ~ we now all like to live waye out here in sunny Gnomesville, Antarctica y'see... far away from all weirdo peoploids... because at the moment (aside from the recent rise in frozen beardy faced trudging scientificalists wearing daylo-jump suits and Ug-Boots... and off course ~ 'otherish', more sensitive and commercially based oily waye frackers in plastik macs engaging in clandestine 'exploratory activities' at the behest of by dodgy 'n' dirty industrialissimmos ) - Gnomesville, Antarctica... is still just about as far away as any of us Gnomes can reasonably be expected to be able to get away frum thee human race, so as we can all remayne hoppy and free...

As Gnomes - we enjoy being as far way from all of thee hustle and bustle of your whole wyde whirled that we can currently be - (without building a great big shiny space rocket... or diggin a big hole under all the rock and glaciers, and living inside that instead - which as i'm sure you will all agree... would also be a bit dull... and we don't see why should we do that anyway just because evil students and goths keep on being horrid to us... so ner)...

The Gnomes also like to worship the " Mark E. Smith & all members of The Fall(... both past 'n' present) and can often also be found building many top-fab and extra-super mega-shrines out here in Antarctica in praise of their unintelligable klanging uber-glory... as y'do...

BN x

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All Gnomes everywhere Yeah!!! inc. Binary Gnome, Luis Drayton, Gene Gnome Y Los Interstella Metro-Gnomes, Farra Gnomeset-Majors, Gnomic Hasselhoff, Miss Gnomer
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Alternative / Educational / Concrete

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****** ************, with help from the extra super-lovely SteVan from,,