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Twingiant was formed in the spring of 2010 to fulfill the band members’ desire to play loud-as-shit, heavy music. They are from the lost desert planet of Phoenix, Arizona. In 2012, Twingiant released Mass Driver, their self-produced debut album. The album contains 9 songs that document the mis-adventures of the Space Hobo. Mass Driver was released on 180 gram vinyl LP form as well as CD and digital formats.

In April of 2013, Twingiant released Sin Nombre, a five song EP and went on a short mini-tour in support of it. The reviews of Sin Nombre have been outstanding. By the end of 2013, Twingiant is planning to release a split 7″.
Twingiant considers themselves a “live” band and have played with such acts as Thrones, Danava, The Atlas Moth, Saviours, Intronaut, Holy Grail, Black Tusk, St. Vitus, Pallbearer and even Guttermouth. They also played at Denver Doomfest II and the first Southwest Terror Fest in Tucson in the fall of 2012. They will continue to play numerous show throughout 2013.

The Tale Of The Space Hobo:

The Space Hobo is a drifter – a derelict. Drunk and disheveled. An old Galactic Marine veteran who fought in the 2nd Milky Way rebellion. He sleeps on benches, pushes around hovercarts, buys forties using galactic credits he pan-handles from the repulsed aliens.

Trash in the future is so abundant, and earth’s landfills are so filled up beyond capacity, that the garbage is picked up via tractor beam into giant space barges that exit earth’s orbit and travel in warp speed towards the “Twin Giants”, a pair of suns that are close together. The Twin Giants are used as the garbage incinerators – the barge jettisons the refuse into the atmosphere, where it burns up and disintegrates.

One evening, the Space Hobo is passed out on his bench and he mistakenly gets sucked into the trash barge along with the surrounding garbage that he has blended into. He then has to figure out a way to get out of the hull of the barge and inform the alien crew members that he is trapped in there.

However, to his horror, he sees the Twin Giants through a viewing port and realizes what is going to happen soon – he is going to get incinerated with the rest of the trash.

He finds an emergency escape pod and, using the pod’s autopilot mechanisms, is transported safely to the Twin Giant Refuse Command Station – a man-made island in the middle of the lava fields that is used as a monitoring and control center for the garbage incineration process. Upon arrival, he encounters a female alien guard, whom he must seduce so he can gain her trust and admittance to the Command Station’s personnel shuttle craft, which is designed to fly directly to and from earth to transport workers.

He finally is safely on his journey home – to earth. He is travelling through space, alone again. He reflects on the life changing adventure he just experienced.

The tale continues…

General Info

Band Members
Tony, Nikos, Jeff and Jarrod
Artist Name
Home Page
Metal / Sludge Metal / Stoner Metal

Contact Info

Phoenix, AZ

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