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King David was born on September 26, 1981 in San Francisco California at General hospital….Just like the TV show. But this is my real life. I started this journey in music living in Potrero Hill in SF. In the words of Coo Coo CAL “Ma projects!!”. My first rap group consisted of me & my cousin YUNG LOOTA, we had to be 7 or 8 years old. At this time we went by the name of KWA..KIDS WITH ATTITUDE. At a early age I knew that this is what I wanted to do. So I started writing poetry for my mom. I was always a smart kid, School came easy. I Attended HILCREST elementary school in (SF) and Potrero Hill middle school and its aim high program and this is where I took my first drama class. That solidified what I already knew, I am a entertainer. During my 7th grade year my family moved to Fremont Ca that’s a city in the Bay Area between Oakland and San Jose. At this time my parents got saved and very involved in church. Every Sunday I would attend church at New Bethel MBC in Oakland Ca. and play every weekend with my cousins there. I was in the choir, a usher, a jr deacon too. Yeah a preachers son. During service I would just write and write. One Sunday my little cousin and I recorded ourselves. My uncle Terrance found the tape and told me for a young kid I was cold.

I started to attend Walters junior high school in Fremont Ca, where I began to freestyle instead of just writing poems. I use to spend all my free time battling against friends and foes. I’ve always been the underdog. The guy who people slept on till they heard me. This is when people around me would say I could really make it. Because I can make those songs with content and they seem to just flow out naturally. I started attending high school in Fremont Ca, at John F Kennedy High. I was in a drama classes there as well. There I was known as Playa Dave, “dude wit the glasses who be bussin”. Slowly I started to get sucked into the street life cutting school, smoking weed literally at school, you name it I did it. I felt like, if I talked about that life, I had to be about that life. Isreal. at that time I was a lot shorter and had bigger glasses. But I was definitely in the game. Because I was out of control my parents moved me to my aunts house in Vallejo Ca. Where I attended and graduated from Vallejo High school class of 1999. During my time at Vallejo high I was again in advanced drama class (the only class I actually went to) and part of the yearly spring play where I not only performed my lines for the play; but someone else who didn’t show. I filled in for them and made the show memorable. I also free styled for the crowd(I need to get that footage from my mom ) and again I new entertainment was made for me and is me.

After graduation I ran the streets of Vallejo rapping off 2 11 (beer) and trees at Dan Foley park in Vallejo. Till I decided to try the Navy in November of 1999. I attended boot camp in Great Lakes, Illinois (that was my second time in the mid-west, my first time I was at about 5yrs old I came to Kenosha to visit my great grandmother in the Lincoln park area). I was to be in advanced computers and electronics with a $50,000 signing bonus but I was honorably discharged for medical reasons (sickle cell) in January of 2000. When I returned to the bay area I had no plan. I thought the navy would get me out the hood and this cycle some of us are stuck in. I began to get it how I lived. I was homeless for a long time because I didn’t want to be responsible…Truthfully. So I began stealing checks and forging them because I liked my money b.I.g. I sold drugs like (weed, x, crystal meth, u name it I sold it) for the prestige power and respect of my peers (yeah I was a alien. I know now). There was a time I was living in a motel 6 feeling like I was on top of the world. It was a place to kick it and set up shop. Till one day I tried to steal a bottle of drank (I didn’t spend money on what I could take) and went to jail for the first time.
(Santa Rita which is Alameda county), the thunder dome, housing unit 34, BBL-496 something’s you never forget. This was April of 2000. I thought I was going home till the forgeries caught up me. So I had to sit another two months and I pleaded out and took 5yrs felony probation with a 16 month joint suspension. During my first of many times there all I did was beat on the bunks and rap. I’ve always been one of the Giants of rap on any yard I’ve hit. When I got out I told myself I was going to change because I was hurting my mom too much. But 2 weeks later I got picked up for a home evasion….(its ok I’m laughing too) trying to get some weapons wit my little cousin and this guy in the hood ended up getting caught and telling on us (nigga u know who u are). I was working at Kaspers Hot Dog when detectives stormed the restaurant and arrested me. I got told on by someone I knew in the hood to be a beast. So take it from King looks are deceiving. Well, I was the oldest at 18 years old so I took the case in May of 2000 to save my little cousin, he was only 14 at the time. So they violated my probation gave me the 16 months joint suspension in the state pen and on top of that gave me a strike for the violent crime (home invasion with weapons) and put me back on 5 yrs felony probation wit a 4yr joint suspension. In other words probation and parole, double jeopardy violate one you automatically violate the other. So when I say in my raps I have strips its real.

On Halloween of 2000 the grey goose buss going to San Quentin State Pen pulled up and I had a reserved seat unfortunately. I pulled up to that old prison that’s when it hit me. The realness in what I have become. And what I’ve done to get here. When you walk in and u have to strip, no squat and cough there, you have to bend at the waist and spread em. P-99060 was my number they put me in west block tier 5 cell 65, we call that the bayside, I’ll never forget. I sat there on 23 hour lock down because west block in

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