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Andrea Bellina, was born in Catania Italy,
Musician, professional singer, for twenty years, he has played in many places like Milano, Bologna, Firenze, Catania, Siracusa ecc.

Thanks to his wide repertory both international and national, he dont follows only one genre but he loves to enhance all musical genres, bringing his audience to taste various aspects of music creating a unique special moment of a strong emotional impact.

His warm voice touches the deepest soul of the listener, vibrating till reaching him emotionally.
The particular and charming timbre of his voice catches totally the attention, leaving the perception that you are listening to a personal and individual message.

From Chicago Susan syas this about him: I listen to many of the songs that Andrea sings by their original artists and I must say in total honesty, that his voice is so much more pure, so much richer, even without any studio manipulations, than the original recording artists. Just... think of this, the music we hear on recordings has been altered, added to and otherwise enhanced in many ways.
What we hear, when we listen to Andrea is the immediate and urgent sound of a soul in real time. He has a gift and shares it with us. Blessed be.

Author of lyrics and musics, Andrea composes what his soul tells him in that very instant.
Putting on paper in a quite immediate way, the sensations that this particular moment creates.
His creative musical vein, has arised time after time, pushed by his feeling of communicate to whom is listening in the right way, some messages that are deeply rooted, with the hope that they will create emotions and sensations, that will give something to guide in everydays life.

He grew up in Sicilia at Augusta (Siracusa), he discovered his passion for music at the age of 5 years, thanks to a little keyboard and the piano of the kindergarten.
The decisive moment was when he got his first guitar as a gift at the age of 11 . A deep and solitary relation began with this instrument, thanks to it he was able to create an own dimension, discovering the music as a door to freedom. The desire to experience and to deepen pushed him the need to learn the techniques, but his family did not support and so he continued his own path as autodidact while he was studying and graduated in a technical high school.

The first stage for him, that allowed him to discover his communicative ability, was his experience as entertainement officer, singer and guitarist, in touristic villages since 1989. Here he began to write his first songs.

In 1991 while he was working as entertainer in a resort of the Maldive, he met Charlie Burchill of Simple Mind,who, after listening to him., encouraged him to develop his talent and to follow his musical path.

In 1994 he moved to Milano and this was a fundamental moment. The meeting of musicians and the praise of the audience who listened to him in different venues of Milano, deep rooted his will to continue his path searching the way to let his music be known by everyone.
He made many experience of live concerts in many foreign cities.

Thanks to the opportunity that Internet offers to connect with the world , he decided to use this tool to be known. He began to perform in international concerts in live streaming being heard in many countries (USA, Russia, France, Brasil, Germany, Holland, Australia, Japan) and thanks to his fans he began to have many praises in many web pages winning the Web Contest MetaStock 2011 (USA).

Actually he is busy with the TourMusicFest (TMF) Festival Internazionale Della Musica Emergente , where he passed the first two selection, while waiting for the Final.

STAGE 2011

Voice Technique with Cristina Greco (Estil Voice Training)
English Diction Lessons with Nadia Stacchini (American motherlanguage degreed in Foreign Language and Literature, Vocal Coach for the singing in English/American.
Italian Diction lessons with Francesca Milani (Actress,cabarettist speaker cabarettista, winner of the prize Troisi 2005)
Voice Improvisation and Choral music with Paola Paolucci (Director of the chorus,gospel bebop,
Professional soprano).
Relaxation Techniques with Daniela Bracci (professional theater actress, she has worked under the direction of Lavia, Ghione and Carotenuto).

Home recording with Simone Empler (Degreed at the school Saint Louis fonia e midi, he collaborated with Syan Ridgway, eva Ayllon, Michael Sheker, Morgan. He teaches Music Computing (?) , discographic producer and pianist

Live exhibitions and presence on the scene with Silvia Gollini (professional singer, modern and jazz, many musical collaborations with important artists. Festival Bar, television broadcastings and musical events)
Theatrical Improvisation with Fabrizio Lobello (professional actor teacher of Theatrical Improvisation .

Anchorman at events
Dal 1990 al 2010 he presented:
Selection of the regional Festival di Sanremo young talents
Fashion Show
Live Events, musical events


Exhibitions in various italian venues: Firenze, Milano, Siracusa, Brucoli (SR)

Musical & Theatre:
Il tempo delle Cattedrali
Aggiungi un posto a tavola
I bignè del Dottor jekyll (parodia di Claudio Fucci)
La Cavalleria Rusticana (parodia comica)
La sceneggiata Napoletana (isso essa e omalamente)

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Andrea Bellina
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