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Dragonfyre is the original/cover project initiated by Canadian bassist/vocalist Trent Oleksuik strictly as a solo project. It's following along the lines of a power trio format of guitar, bass and drums only, no backing vocals, with hooks, melody and an old school rock sound ala Motorhead, early Iron Maiden along with a Danko Jones influence as well..basically a punk/metal hybrid.

The 8 songs on this player comprise the first EP, titled Dragonfyre: Dangerous Toy with a followup full length cd being recorded as we speak along the same lines. The EP was recorded by Trent himself in his basement using limited gear and basically getting a feel of how to do things, and playing all instruments and singing all vocals. Tired of playing in bands where his ideas were shoved aside, he's chosen this route for his solo project, which will entail a full band for live shows sometime down the line of which all members have a say. The music does not follow any set pattern, genre, or 'radio friendly' format..it is written to be as real as possible, whether delving into topics like dreams and how they are interpreted (Afraid of the Nite), to suicidal thoughts (Fly Away), to sex driven anthems (Dangerous Toy, Demon Lover) to anger and betrayal (Lies & Deception, Nothing Left) to whatever strikes at the time the song is being written..nothing is geared to be a 'single' in radio or anything else..it's all straight from experiences and real life situations Trent has seen and experienced over the years...

Thank you to all who stop in and grab a listen..a few 'snippets' of the new songs will appear once they are further along in the process to give an idea of how the new album is shaping up..in today's world of cut/paste/autotune, he's chosen to let the ambiance of noise and mistakes remain in all recordings to make sure the song is as 'real' as possible..what you hear, is what you'll get in a live format..unlike a lot of what is out today due to these aforementioned processes and crutches....

Cheers people, I encourage you all to support the indie artists you like as they are truly the ones who need it as the days of the lucrative 'record deal' are a thing of the past and paid gigs seem to be a rarity..any support an independent act receives from its fanbase goes a long way to helping keep these young and older artists doing what they do with passion....their music.

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Trent Morley Oleksuik - Lead Vocals/Bass guitar, ??? - Lead Guitar, ??? - Drums
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Saskatoon, SK, CA