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Brett Turner lives in a historic hotel turned apartments in the mountain west town of Ogden, Utah one block from what Al Capone once described as "the roughest street in all the west."

Whether he's picking his Gibson Hummingbird while sitting on bar stool or stomping on his loop pedal while strumming his Gretsch hollow body, Brett Turner has a honed a sound that is all his own.

If you've never had the opportunity to hear Brett and his one man band you will most certainly hear the influence of musical greats like Johnny Cash, Tom Petty, and Jack White in every one of his sets.

He is truly an amazing story teller. Whether it's real, made up, or a combination of the two every one of Brett's song has a story. And every story is meant to move you in your head, your heart, your hips, or your feet.

He's a terrific entertainer with the kind of charisma that comes only from spending thousands of hours on a stage doing what he loves. One venue owner had this to say:

"People may not know who he is when they show up, but they sure as hell know who he is when they leave.

Some additional info:
He drinks his coffee with copious amounts of sugar.
He has a fantastic collection of guitars.
He brought his dog back from London, UK and named him Cash (after Johnny not the green stuff)
He's a sucker for a southern drawl.
He writes a lot of songs about Tennessee and Tennessee women.
He hasn't hit his prime because he's saving it for later.

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