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Megan James / Bio

hi! i'm megan :)
- i don't believe in the word "no".
- i do believe that will change when i have children.
- speaking of, i want a lot of them. someday.
- i also want a puppy dog so bad i can hardly stand it. i would name her "viviane joan abbott walker".
- i know that if i got a dog right now all it would do is pee in my house because i'm not home enough to take care of it.
- i got my mom and dad a webcam for christmas and, although a bit selfish, it is the best present i've ever given. i love getting to see their faces on a regular basis.
- i cannot stand socks. hate them. always have.
- i use tide lavender laundry detergent.
- this is funny because i hate smelly lotions, so one would think that i'd hate smelly detergents. but i don't.
- i like to sleep on the cold side of the pillow. i'll flip that sucker all night if i have to.
- my birthday falls on thanksgiving more often than not and i hate it. who wants candles in a pumpkin pie?? not me.
- my best friend and i used to ride our bikes to the library. i would check out a backpack full of novels while she would check out back copies of bridal magazines. we were 10.
- when i was 8 i saw annie at the children's theater and wanted nothing more than to be an orphan. i didn't talk to my parents for 3 days.
- i want stadiums and tour busES. emphasis on busES.
- i am officially addicted to chai.
- i LOVE antiques.
- i LOOOOOVE old houses.
- i think funny is the most attractive thing you can be.
- i have baby pictures of my brothers framed in my house. i miss them when they were that little.
- i attended and graduated from a music college yet when placed in front of sheet music and asked to play from it i nearly break out in hives.
- i think you can either spend your life savings on therapy or a beach house. guess which one i'm saving for...

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Megan James
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Nashville, TN